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    ET8CHMXKB00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Old Relay has Two Pins, New One has One, Where to put other wire?

    Hi All, I have an old Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB00 and the Start Relay is bad. I found the recommended part replacement on Whirlpool WP4387938 and ordered it. Where I'm stuck is that the old start relay had two pins and the new relay only has one. The top wire in the old housing is going to the...
  2. M

    Kenmore 51650 Upright Freezer Door adjustment

    Hi guys, I have an old Kenmore upright freezer - model # 51650A - 107Kwh energy efficient; these are all the numbers I can find for this freezer, checking at the foot plate on the appliance tag it states model # 51650OK type XE0085. My problem started when this freezer defrosted itself and...

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