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    FIXED Another KRMF706ESS01 freezer issue! dreaded "PO" outage message - Please help!

    So... 6 year old unit. Has new rc fan, new control board, new power board ... Thermistors check ok. When running diagnostic service test 4, all goes well until 4.05- " Compressor on- Drive valve to FC and turn FC fan on".... When this test is underway, the unit shuts down and later displays the...
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    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator - PO Code every 10 minutes, resets and dings

    Good morning all, Yesterday afternoon I started having problems with my Kitchenaid 5 door refrigerator. Actually, I've had problems with this fridge since I bought it, but specifically, I'm getting a PO Code (Power Outage) on the door, and I confirm it. 10 minutes letter, it seems to reboot...

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