popping sound

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    PHP900SM2SS Induction stovetop pop sound

    While cooking, we heard 2 pops and the stovetop gave us an E code. I turned off the breaker and turned it back on but the E code was still there. I removed the stovetop and took it apart. I found a burn mark on the Filter Board, am I safe to assume this is my issue? Secondly the stovetop is...
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    Kenmore Refrigerator 106.51133213 ice maker popping gear noise

    I cant begin to say how awful this 106.51133213 side by side is. I have replaced the door wires 3 times in the last 6 years, and the light is a constant flicker challenge because of one small resistor on the board. But I digress...now the ice maker, while dumping the ice, will try to go to...
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    Igloo Mini Refrigerator

    A few months ago my fiance got us an igloo mini fridge and Initially I noticed some humming, gurgling, and clicking or popping noises. But the clicking sound seems to be getting louder now that sometimes it scares me a bit when I hear it. So Im trying to find out if something is causing this to...
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