power board

  1. sbuckner021

    DV400EWHDWR/A No Power To Dryer Display

    Currently there is no sign of power to the dryer. [1 week before power issue] Power to display assembly/appliance is normal Dryer functioning normally START button becoming intermittent but still working [the day of the dryer no longer functioning] Power to display assembly/appliance is...
  2. V

    Frigidaire FRA123KT1 - Stuck at 90 degrees / power panel does not work

    Hi all - Stumbled across this forum after googling about issues with my window AC unit. The issues started a few weeks back when the power button stopped working. Leaving it unplugged / using the reset button eventually had it working again a day later. At that point, I noticed my remote (with...
  3. D

    Jade RJRS4270A Electrical Issue

    I have a Jade 42" refrigerator model RJRS4270A. Jade was purchased by Jenn-Air then Whirlpool. I had a power surge a couple nights ago and in the morning the refrigerator did not operate. There are no lights, compressor doesn't run, no display panel etc. - completely dead. I have power at the...
  4. S

    CPLEF398CCA Power board cause of dual element not heating

    Hello, I am hoping that someone can confirm my amateur diagnosis before I order a $250 power board. (i am referring to the circuit board in the rear bottom left of the range) I have a dual element on a smoothtop frigidaire range that has stopped functioning. Initially i had suspected the...