power failure

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    FIXED Whirlpool Electric Stove Model WFC150M0EB0 stopped working after being plugged in (Clipped Terminal / Red Connection) PHOTOS INCLUDED

    I bought a used Whirlpool Model WFC150M0EB0 because my other stove kept burning the food. I plugged it in. (black, white, red and green wires from plug to stove) It worked fine (the stove top, the clock, etc) but when moving it against the wall, sparks few from outlet and heard a sizzle then...
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    FIXED Electrolux EFME527UIW0 Electric Dryer no power at all - no lights

    Model: Electrolux EFME527UIW0 Electric Dryer. Issue: Pressing power button does nothing. No lights, display, or sounds. Powered on my like-new 3 yr old Electrolux dryer and set the desired time/program without problem. Then pressed the start button and the dryer turned off and won't turn back...
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    FIXED KDFE104HWH0 KitchenAid Dishwasher not turning on

    We bought our dishwasher 2/2019, so I assume it's out of warranty. It worked fine last night. Tonight none of the panel buttons work and the unit appears dead. I cycled power for 1 min and it is still dead. Do I need to open up the panel and start checking switches and fuses? Please help. Thanks!
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    HBLP451LUC Bosch wall oven control panel stops working everytime there's a power surge

    Problems with my Bosch wall oven control panel/keypad: Repair man has been called out 4 times in less than a year, each time for the same problem (I go to use the oven and the keypad and/or control panel buttons don't respond when pressed). 1st two times they replaced the entire control panel...
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    GGW9868KQ3 Whirlpool Senseon Dryer (Gas Dryer) PF code

    Hey everyone, lately I've been having a problem with my Whirlpool dryer; It would only cycle for 2-3 minutes, and then it will shut off completely and momentarily light up with the PF (Power Failure) code. The dryer is not affected by a power outage in the house, or nasty weather conditions The...
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    Washer and Dryer power failure at same time

    While doing laundry both my Kenmore Elite He3T and He4 washer dryer loose power. I checked the receptacle and its good. I disconnected the washer and dryer for five minutes, reconnect and nothing, no clicking sounds or any signs of power. No error codes showing on either unit. Any ideas would be...
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    SHE68R55UC/68 power loss

    My Bosch dishwasher had a sudden power loss. This occurred while the dishwasher was not in use. I noticed the display was off so I opened the door and nothing changed. I tried holding the power button down with no luck. The breaker is fine, there is power in the line up to to dishwasher and it...
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    Kenmore Washer Phantom Power Failures

    My Kenmore clothes washer (110.26955690) shuts off randomly while running, and then displays PF (power failure) on the control panel. The house circuit that the washer is plugged in to has been tested and is reliable. The house breaker does not trip. The washer exhibits the same symptoms even...