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  1. F

    Noisy blower motor that runs a long time and long preheat to get to temperature

    Hello, I have a KitchenAid dual electric oven model KEBK206BSS00. My blower motor (WPL-WPW10260254) makes a lot of noise when running and seems to run excessively. It runs from the time the oven is started until more than 45 minutes after the oven is shut off. The air is circulated out the...
  2. J

    GE JS760SL1SS turns off during pre-heat.

    New member here, appreciate any help. GE Slide in Electric Convection Range JS760SL1SS bought in 2018 set to bake will preheat for about 30 seconds and then stops preheat. Rest of electronic display works and range still works fine. I tried changing out the cooling fan as I seem to have the...
  3. S

    FIXED LG Range LRE30453ST Oven will only heat to 325*-No Error Code-Broiler Element seems to still work

    LG Electric Oven is not heating to the set temperature and seems to stop at 325*. Convection feature does seem to heat to a higher setting but takes 30 minutes to preheat. Main Board was just replaced a year ago. I am not getting any error codes and the broiler element seems to still work...
  4. M

    JSP39WT1WW GE Profile Cuts Off Many Times While PreHeating, Then Finally Stays On

    I have an old GE Profile model JSP39WT1WW. It just recently started this odd behavior when preheating the oven. I can set a temperature, then press Bake to confirm it, and it will act like it takes it, but then after about 20 or 30 seconds, it stops preheating and goes back to the clock. I can...
  5. J

    FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection Not Preheating

    Barely used FGBM15WCVFB Frigidaire Microwave & Convection appliance convection feature not working. I am following the instructions as stated in the owner's manual yet the appliance is not preheating nor completing a convection cycle. In fact, what I see on the appliance screen is not matching...
  6. P

    LG Range LDG4315ST Oven Racks Different Temperatures

    When preheating the bottom oven, the oven registers as preheated way too early. When set to 350 (325 convection), the bottom rack is around 230 and the top rack is around 250 racks when the oven chimes that it is preheated. Today I put a thermal probe next to the thermistor and sure enough up...
  7. N

    FIXED DF366 Wolf dual fuel range takes 1 hour to pre-heat

    I Just bought a used 36" dual fuel (electric oven) range and it takes about an hour to preheat to 350F. Is this normal? I had a cheap whirlpool I replaced which literally took about 10-15 minutes and if I wanted to bake something quick I would be done within 30-45 minutes and that's including...
  8. S

    FGES3065KFF Frigidaire Range won’t preheat correctly, but bake is ok

    Our range doesn’t preheat correctly. The oven heats up and it beeps to indicate that it has preheated (and the digital indicator shows the right temperature), but if I cancel and set it to bake, then the oven is 100 degrees or so off. In bake mode, the oven will reach the right temperature...
  9. E

    FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire Electric Oven Slow to Preheat after Self Clean

    I recently ran a self-clean on my oven. It now takes a very long time to preheat (30+ mins to get to 350). The broiler also does not work. What could be causing this?
  10. R

    GE Cafe Range CGS995SEL1SS Not Preheating

    Hello! We are having problems with our CGS995SEL1SS on propane. Both the upper and lower ovens will start to preheat, then just stop and turn off. No error, no beeps, nothing. Will just return to the clock screen. Range burners work fine. We can see the lighting element heat up and glow and it...
  11. Jessicarose10

    Whirlpool Double oven takes hours to preheat

    My family just got a brand new whirlpool double oven. We tried using it for the first time yesterday and it never got up to temp. Tried preheating it to 350 and after 2.5 hours of waiting it was only up to 235 degrees, so we eventually gave up trying to bake anything and turned it off. It’s...
  12. J

    970-687623 Kenmore (Frigidaire) Electric Oven slow to preheat

    Oven now takes extremely long to pre heat. Previously would take 15 minutes to preheat to 350 degrees. Now it wil take 45 minutes and only get to 233 degrees. The display box shows a solid red line on the bottom for 50 seconds then a broken red line on the top for 10 seconds. I have done the...
  13. J

    LRE3083ST LG Oven will not preheat over 350 degrees.

    My LG electric range oven sticks on 350 preheat. If I set the oven to bake at say 425 degrees, it will start preheating and then stick at 350. I have checked the oven heating sensor with a multi-meter and the ohm reading is 1084 which is in the "good" range. I am now suspecting a faulty...
  14. B

    Frigidaire FGF366EBB oven won't stay on after preheat setting.

    Hello to all! I am experiencing problems with my Frigidaire gas oven/range (Model # FGF366EBB) going on a month now. I am imploring anyone with repair ideas to point me in the right direction. THE PROBLEM: After I set the oven to the bake setting, the oven begins its preheat cycle and starts...
  15. R

    FGF378ACG Doesn't get out of preheat

    We have a 13 yr old Frigidaire range FGF378ACG that will not shut off the preheat. It used to heat up to temp and then beep twice. It now shows preheat for a long time. I can shut off the oven and turn it back on and the oven doesn't ignite because it likely is past the set temp. The temp...
  16. S

    SF367LEKT2 Buzzing sound when oven is in preheat or heat mode.

    When we preheat the oven to desired temperature, a buzzing sound occurs each time. The buzzing sound also occurs once the oven goes into heat mode to keep the desired temperature. Once the desired temperature is achieved the buzzing sound stops and the heat light turns off as. When the oven...
  17. F

    Frigidaire ES330 Oven taking over 5 minutes to ignite gas, even though Orange Glow is nearly instant

    Hi All, I've got a Frigidaire ES330 that's just around 3 years old (came with the house we just purchased). When we go to preheat the oven, it's taking around 5-10 minutes for the gas to ignite, and another 20-30 minutes for the oven to preheat to about 400 Degrees. When we do turn on the oven...

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