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    RUUD Weatherking short cycling then stops

    I have a RUUD (RHEEM) WeatherKing Model # 80PS07EBR01 (Installed in 2008) It is short cycling several times before it shuts off completely. Induction motor kicks on. Burner ignites. Blower comes on anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds, then shuts off and repeats. Sometimes it will...
  2. C

    Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 Oven Temp Problems

    Hi, I am trying to fix my Mom's Frigidaire CPCS389EC6 oven. It has been giving her problems with the temperature for awhile now. Recently we tried a self-cleaning and got an F30 error. I measured the restistance of the temperature probe and got about 1080 to 1090 ohms at room temperature. I...
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    LG LFX23965SB not cooling, fan not running, lights come on

    Hello, Our LG LFX23965SB french door refrigerator has stopped cooling. The fan does not come on at all and the fridge, freezer, and ice maker are not cold. The light comes on when we open the doors. It is 9 years old. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is, what the repair cost might be...
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    Maytag dishwasher model DWC4910AAW door drops to floor

    Hi, I have a Maytag dishwasher model DWC4910AAW. The door goes all the way to the floor. It does not stop at the 'level with floor' position. I have new plastic spring linkages and springs for both sides, and when inspecting them on both sides, the ones on the unit are not broken. If it's not...
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    Bought New GE Microwave - Put In Wall - When Oven Runs - both Microwave stop working, power stays on

    HI, I had a GE microwave and over built into the wall. So need to replace the Microwave, so bought the GE - JES2051SNSS, however, after installing it in the wall same place as before. Now when I ran Microwave and Oven at same time they both stop working. The power does not turn off, but...
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    Kitchenaid KSGG700ESS0 error code that the fan is running too slow

    My daughter has a Kitchenaid KSGG700ESS0. She is having a problem with an error code when the oven pre-heats to 170, system shuts down and give code that the fan is running too slow. I found some troubleshooting info here online but the schematics and parts list do not show her oven correctly! I...
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    ICE ICE Build up LG Freezer section LFX28978ST - how to access?

    Having Ice build up in the freezer section for one month now. I understand you have to get to the drain tube and defrost it but cannot find a schematic or instructions on how to gain access to the back coils/drain tube. Anyone have any tips? I do not see screws or clips..nothing. Picture...
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    FIXED MSD2652KEW Ice maker takes a day to empty

    Hi all again. You have never steered me wrong and I am sad to say I need your help again. My Maytag refrigerator, model MSD2652KEW, started this problem yesterday. When the ice is, well ice, you can hear it trying to empty the tray, but stops. Whenever I look at it, the prongs (I hope you know...
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    FIXED WGD96HEAC2 Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Pauses Mid-Cycle

    This problem has gotten worse over the last several months. I will put a load in and run it on "Normal". The dryer will start then after anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes into the cycle, it pauses. Then turns off after about 10 minutes, if I don't catch it in time. About 50% of the time I can...
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    Oven doesn't work after running self cleaning cycle

    Hello experts!! We ran the self cleaning cycle for the first time, but the stove now does not work. Did the overheating thermo sensor trip?
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    FIXED 795.72059110 Buzzing Motor Sound (audio attached)

    Our refrigerator began buzzing this morning. It seems to be related to the compressor as it's coming from the back of the unit and spins down when the door is opened or the power is removed and spins back up a few moments after power is restored and the door is shut. It's less than two years...
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    Speed Queen Dryer Drum turning slowly or not at all

    Hi folks, trying to give this warhorse a cpl more years; any ideas very welcome. Took drum out and successfully found an intermittent electrical problem; a spade connector on a wire to the motor was almost loose. Along the way shorted out door switch (don't ask me how) , bought and replaced it...