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    GE Profile Combo Washer\Dryer - Model PFQ97HSPV0DS.

    Just purchased a GE Profile Front load washer & heat pump dryer combo unit. Have had it 3 days and the unit makes an extremely loud thumping sound at intermittent intervals when adding water to the drum. It does not make this or any other loud sounds at any other time during operation, so I do...
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    FIXED GE Profile French Door Fridge PYE22KSKKSS how do enter diagnostic mode

    How do I enter diagnostic mode for GE Profile French Door Fridge PYE22KSKKSS model.? Serial number is VL529696. I have not been able to locate technical bulletin or service manual. My ice maker isn't working and would like to execute the cycle tests.
  3. F

    GE Cafémodel CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling fresh food or freezer sections with new MB and inverter

    Hi I hope you can help me determine what is going on with my refrigerator. I have an 8 year old GE Café refrigerator model CYE23TSDCSS is not cooling in fresh food or freezer sections. Following instructions in technical service guide, I got the following diagnostic test results: 47 FF Fan...
  4. S

    GE Profile Fridge - PFS22SISBSS - No Cold Air / Stuck in diagnostic mode

    Hello all! This forum has been great for helping me with some fixes over the years - but now I am just stuck on new issues I woke up one morning to find the fridge and freezer were warm - had to toss everything inside. I noticed the fans were working, air was blowing. The coils were dry and the...
  5. R

    GE Profile Refrigerator Model#PFE29PSDASS Serial#LZ501555 Ice maker not working

    This is the stainless GE Profile with the french doors and a single freezer door below, circa 2012. Problem is that the GE icemaker is not working, but the water comes from the dispenser at the door so I believe that the solenoid at the inlet valve is working. I have replaced the entire...
  6. M

    FIXED PDT825SSJ2SS GE Dishwasher lights steady off

    Dishwasher has no lights on Old control board - green light is steady on so I ordered a new control board part number WD21X24902 ordered thinking its the issue with the control board but the new board also has the steady green light on. power available to the junction box of the dishwasher...
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    PSCS3RGXCFSS GE fridge stopped cooling following power outage

    Assuming a power surge may have caused some damage to this ge profile side by side PSCS3RGXCFSS. When I open up the back seems like i hear some periodic faint clicking (1/sec) comin from the motherboard, possibly comin from the relays. Ive had issues in the past and bypassed one relay w a jumper...
  8. J

    FIXED PDT825SSJ0SS GE Profile dishwasher, control panel lights not working and non-responsive

    The dishwasher was bought in late 2016 and installed in January 2017. We had a snow storm today with power flickers throughout the day. The dishwasher was running at the start of the power flickers. We did not re-start it after the first power flicker. The control panel is now...
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    GE Profile Artica PSI23NGMAWW Compressor runs extremely hot, not cooling properly

    - Compress runs extremely hot, condenser is hot as well - Freezer is 18-24 degrees - Fridge is 38-44 degrees I replaced the defrost heater because the ends were blackened. I did not replace anything else yet. The evaporator fan does kick in after I left the doors open for a few minutes. The...
  10. H

    FIXED PFE28RSHSS GE Profile Fridge Dispensing Water Alone at Random

    Less than 3 years old, just started dispensing water alone...Flooded the kitchen! It has an "auto fill" setting, and it looked like it just decided to dispense 128 ounces of water. That was on the LCD screen when I got home. So either my fridge is possessed, or there is an issue here? Just...
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    FIXED PDT750SSF1SS GE Dishwasher not drying

    Hi all, this is a great looking forum from what I've read, but I have not found an answer to this anywhere: GE PDT750SSF1SS dishwasher. About 4 years old. Symptoms are wet dishes, even after 6+ hours post-cycle. The countertop used to stay warm for several hours after cycle, and the basin...
  12. R

    GE Profile Advantium Halogen Light

    About three weeks ago, the halogen heating light stopped working in my Advantium microwave. I ordered the part and replaced it. Microwave still works fine, but the light still does not. This is needed for the oven-tech, I believe. Does anyone else know what could be wrong here? Thanks in...
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    GE Profile inconsistent cooling on both sides

    My GE Profile side-by-side has been cooling inconsistently on both sides - but more so on the freezer - for almost a year now. The temperature will rise to anywhere from 8 to 15 degrees on the freezer (setpoint at 0) and 40 to 48 on the fridge (setpoint at 37), much like it might do during its...
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    GE HARMONY DRYER Won't Power On!

    Two loads waiting to dry, Dad in Hospital, son bronchitis, and dryer suddenly won't power on! HELP! GE HARMONY DRYER DPGT750EC1 dried last load fine yesterday; today it won't turn on. I only know to check the breaker box, the power coming into the outlet, and power to the dryer. Checked the...
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    GE Profile PSS26SGPA is not cooling enough - Freezer is at 37 and ref is at 53

    It has started defrosting and warming slowly for the last two days. I opened up the back grill and cleaned the dust of the cooling radiator drum and vacuumed everything in the back. Readjusted the temperature to the coolest I can (freezer at -6 and reg at 36). After 6 hours, the temp in the both...
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    Profile Doesnt Dispense Ice When "Running"

    Ok, riddle me this. The ice dispenser in the door of our GE Profile stopped dispensing ice. Yet, the water still works. Then, somehow we narrowed down that when the motor is "running" it DOESNT work. If we manually turn the fridge off, it WILL dispense ice. Is there some kind of power...
  17. J

    GE Profile Dishwasher GDS4030 - Rinse buttons stopped working

    I have a GE Profile Dishwaster (GDS4030) that is eight or so years old. A couple of weeks ago, I started a "Rinse & Hold" operation, but then changed my mind and hit "Start/Reset". After a minute or so, the cycle stopped. But ever since then, both the "Rinse & Hold" and the "Hi Temp Rinse"...

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