1. M

    FIXED Maytag dryer DG19CS idler wheel contacting motor pulley

    After installing a new belt the drum turned properly for a few minutes then the idler arm and idler wheel shifted toward the motor pulley, made contact and began making a thumping sound. I checked the belt position and confirmed it was not twisted. I recently renewed multiple parts including...
  2. R

    110.44921300 Kenmore HE3t front load washer pulley failure

    I have this machine which is about 15 years old. Started making a racket during the spin cycle. In October, I removed the back and discovered the pulley for the drum was flopping around during the spin cycle. Removed the pulley and found the center hole where it mounts at was enlarged. Ended...
  3. C

    FIXED AWN542 Speed Queen Washer Noise

    Any thoughts about what this noise might be? Just started on my Speed Queen AWN542. I'm thinking it's the bottom pulley area. Any thoughts on best approach are appreciated!
  4. C

    417.42142100 Kenmore Front-loader Belt Falls Off

    The belt on my Kenmore/Sears front-loader (model 417.42142100) consistently falls off behind the pulley wheel. I read on a forum that it could be a warped pulley; easy fix. I also read that it could be a bad rear drum assembly and/or bearing. How can I know which one it is? My wife and I have...
  5. J

    MDE9316AYW Maytag Dependable Care making loud screeching/squealing noise

    My dryer recently is making a horrendous noise whenever we try to run it. It's even worse because I'm in apartments and so I don't want to run it because I know my neighbors can hear it. Through some simple online research it seems that the problem could either be with my support rollers or my...
  6. T

    Should there be Play in the Idler Guide Pulley?

    My dryer makes a thump sound with each revolution. The rollers all turn freely and appear not to be worn. The belt does not appear damaged. The idler pulley wheel turns freely. There is some play in the idler pulley arm. I can move the arm back and forth about a quarter of an inch. Is it normal...
  7. J

    Maytag Dryer- Pulley on motor shaft striped.

    The Pulley that goes on the motor shaft striped out. It looks like the threads on the motor shaft are ok. The pulley threads are gone. The pulley is silver and on one side has a hex area to wrench it tight. I couldn't find the pulley on repair clinic. Can someone post a link to the correct...
  8. jbird68

    Washer Drive Pulley Broken??

    Recently the drive pulley fell off of the shaft. I was able to put it back on but noticed something that I didn't think looked quite right. On the bottom of the Drive Pulley (P/N: 2-11059) it looked like part of the casted area had broken off. I think it is a tab of some sort that acts like a...