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  1. J

    665.13542 Kenmore circulation pump very inconsistent on starting

    I'm about to lose my mind with this. Cannot for the life of me troubleshoot it! About 2 months ago, our Kenmore Elite, at 14 months of age, started operating very inconsistently. We start a cycle, and the drain pump activates and works, then the hot water fills, then about 50% of the time it...
  2. A

    FIXED Leak in Maytag Atlantis MAV7600

    I have a leak in our Maytag Atlantis MAV7600. I thought it may be from one of the hoses but when I took off the front they look fine and so do the clamps. I ran a rinse cycle with the panel off to see if I could see where the water is coming from and couldn't see any. I had noticed last evening...
  3. J

    Sub Zero 3151 is making buzzing sound - possibly the pump

    I have an older Sub Zero 3151 (made by Scotsman) under counter ice maker. There was a little mold near the water jets so I sprayed it with some 409. It started making a buzzing noise immediately. I then flushed it with cups of clean water and the buzzing went away, but only for a few seconds...
  4. J

    CDT765SSF0SS GE dishwasher - drain pump runs dry

    Hello All - My dishwasher has been working strange recently. I noticed that throughout the cycles, the dishwasher will fill with water/wash and when its time to drain it will drain all the water and continue to run dry with no water left in the sump. It runs for a good 5 minutes dry with no...
  5. S

    665.77973K703 Kenmore Elite - Circulation Pump Motor Parts

    Hello, The washer motor in my Kenmore elite packed it in suddenly with little warning. After disassembling the circulation motor I discover that 3 of the 6 magnets had started to rust, causing the plastic housing to swell slightly. This "swelling" stopped the armature from turning, requiring...
  6. M

    GDT545PSJ0SS GE Dishwasher not draining

    Hello, my GE dishwasher has stopped draining. I've had it out, disconnected the drain line at the pump and it pushes water through hose if I blow through. Empties into disposal fine. If I start a cycle, let it run and then cancel the cycle I do not hear the pump running to push out the water...
  7. P

    Problem with WDT720PADM -- bizarre wash cycle

    We own a Whirlpool WDT720PADM. Suddenly it is behaving rather strangely. 1) We start a cycle 2) It drains, which is normal 3) Water trickles in, which is normal 4) It stops doing anything. No washing happens. 5) But the clock keeps counting down. 6) At intervals which are normal to the...
  8. N

    FIXED How to remove inspect clean/replace pressure sensor in FPID2497RF frigidaire dishwasher??

    been browsing this forum, and it seems the frigidaire dishwasher pressure sensor is a lemon, how do i remove it? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:sulkiness::excitement::disgust: hello i have a frigidaire professional...
  9. C

    110.42832200 Not your typical F02 problem

    Hey Everyone... Kenmore 110.42832200 Hoping to get some feedback on an issue I am having with my Kenmore HE3 front load washer. The initial symptoms related to the ever famous F02 error code. Well, after confirming that the hoses from the drums to the pump, from the pump to the back to the...
  10. H

    SHE3AR56UC Bosch Ascenta dishwasher won't drain or start cycle.

    Had several problems with this thing, and most of the time the problem just magically fixes itself. But now, at the end of cycle yesterday it hadn't drained completely. Restarted, nothing. Cleaned filter, checked impeller, nothing. It will not start a new cycle, sounds like the pump doesn't want...
  11. F

    Not washing

    Hello all, I bought this Kitchenaid KDTM354DSS last summer. So far it's worked like a champ. Now, it won't pump water up to the jets. It will fill, heat the water up and drain correctly, just not wash. I cleaned the little bit of gunk out of wherever I could find, but now I'm unsure how to...
  12. B

    FIXED 110.26892690 Kenmore Washer - Just replaced pump, now washer won't start.

    A couple weeks ago I started noticing some water pooling beneath my washing machine, and, being a semi-confident diy-er whenever possible, I turned to the internet for answers. After scanning a few threads on this forum I was able to determine that the pump needed replacing (thanks, guys!), so I...
  13. D

    Quiet Partner II pump seal deteriorating & brown scum?

    Bought home ~8 years ago and it has a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II (DUL240XTPB0) dishwasher. I notice that while it seems to clean dishes well, there is a variety of brown scum buildup in the dishwasher and silverware container. I have run with white vinegar (as seen on the web) but that does not...
  14. E

    Kitchenaid KUDK03CTWH3 dishwasher top rack not cleaning

    My dishwasher acts like it is is operating normally, but the top rack dishes are NOT coming out clean. When I run it and hear the water splashing inside, then pull the door open, I can see that the top two rotating sprayers (the small white one on the roof of the machine & the one that is on...
  15. H

    KUDS03CTSS0 Kitchenaid dishwasher runs very loud

    My Kitchenaid KUDS03CTSS0 ran very quiet when we first bought it we could hardly tell it was running. Now we can not run it when we are in the same room. I assume it is the bearing in the pump since it only makes the noise while circulating water. As it switches from cycle to cycle and the...
  16. P

    FIXED New Pump runs and drains, but drain does not close

    So my original motor/pump developed a leak. everything runs just fine but a small seal has failed. Anyway, i have an exact replacement. Installed in less than 30 minutes. Easy-peezy. However, now, after voltage is removed from the drain solenoid, the drain door wont close until power is...
  17. Z

    GE top load washer intermittently not draining

    This GE washer came with my new house in fall of 2002. It's worked well all that time, until just recently. This model has two types of cycles - Whites and Casuals. My wife always uses Casuals. She noticed however that sometimes she'll come up and see that the dial is on the Whites side...
  18. T

    Dishwasher Kenmore 363.15452991: drainage issue

    This is a follow up to the thread below because issue evolved to a model of dishwasher different from the original post/question. http://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/threads/19346-GE-GSD2230Z07WW-drainage-problem Recap: Pump was replaced but drainage issue remained. Appliance Tech Admin...
  19. M

    FIXED Kenmore rattle noise in rinse cycle

    This just started happening. It sounds like a dry bearing rattle when the water is being drained out of the wash cycle, and once it starts spinning, a quieter version. I need to diagnose better, and saw other posts that said maybe lint or something may be stuck in the washer pump. I took off...
  20. R

    Could a Kenmore Elite front load washer broken part fall into the drain pipe and block the pump?

    The main question is whether water in the tub (because of a failure to drain) would or could cause the drum to smack around while on spin. For 6 months, I've been staring at my semi-dead washer, unable to muster the will to move it out of the washer closet (it is stacked with a dryer) and remove...

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