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    GDF530PGM0CC GE Dishwasher - Quick Fix GE UI Board dead randomly turns on

    GE Dishwasher UI Board quick fix Remove the capacitor right next to the connector on the UI board. 220mf 25v. YES remove it , replacing the bad cap does not fix the issue. For all of those who have a dead UI board try this. It's a smoothing capacitor I'm assuming. No harm removing it at your own...
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    FIXED Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher (FGHD2465) random powerfail (PF) codes

    For years, I've been putting up with random PF codes on my Frigidaire dishwasher, (FGHD2465). Sometimes the machine works fine for a few days, runs through a full cycle. Then it will stop working with a PF code at a random time during the cycle. For example, sometimes I get the PF before the...
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    PT956SM1SS GE Double Oven - Random shut off

    GE Double Oven Profile brand - PT956SM1SS Oven has worked fine until recently. When baking the lower oven will turn off randomly - the clock is not effected or timer (if set) is still counting down but the oven is off. It is as if someone pressed the "clear/off" button. We can turn the oven...
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    GE Side x Side - Water Dispenser gets stuck, won't shut off for up to 60 seconds

    Greetings from the great Republic of Texas. I have a GE side by side refrigerator - specific problem with water dispenser. The water flow will not shut off on occasion. Unit gets fair amount of use - performed flawlessly until a 3 months ago, when the problem started. We use GE water filters...
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    Dispenser randomly dispensing water, bulb flashing

    Acquired this refrigerator when I purchased this house. Dispenser switch was acting sticky after I believe my mother-in-law manhandled it during usage, but I fixed it about a year ago. First recent strange occurrence: dispenser light bulb was flashing on and off before I just unscrewed it...
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    Kenmore dryer beeping randomly

    So our Kenmore dryer (mod # 970.C8517200) was randomly beeping while operating as well as when just sitting there. It would also randomly finish its cycle without drying the load. Here's what I found. 1) replaced the thermistor as per common fixes for this problem - no change. Should not have...
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    GE side by side refrigerator/freezer stops and starts randomly

    Ge ZISB42DXA side by side refrigerator/freezer stops and starts randomly. It runs perfectly for a few days, stops cooling and then starts cooling on its own after 3 to 4 hours.

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