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    Kenmore Range 790.94203310 - Keypad Unresponsive

    My oven stopped heating. Both elements at the same time. Checked them both with a multimeter, and both checked out alright. Also checked the temperature sensor, and that checked out ok. I moved onto replacing the control board, and it powers up no problem, but I am unable to set the clock to...
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    LRE3083ST LG Oven will not preheat over 350 degrees.

    My LG electric range oven sticks on 350 preheat. If I set the oven to bake at say 425 degrees, it will start preheating and then stick at 350. I have checked the oven heating sensor with a multi-meter and the ohm reading is 1084 which is in the "good" range. I am now suspecting a faulty...
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    PB970SP5SS Display F760 after power outage

    After power outage the display shows F760. Key pad does not respond. Burner knobs show red (on) but burners do nothing. Turned power off on range at switch box but continues to show F760. I know that the main controller board for this range is no longer available. Any ideas Thanks in advance...
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    FIXED Samsung Range/Oven NE595R0ABSR/AA LCD Broken numbers

    Hello I have this Oven range NE595R0ABSR/AA. We have broken numbers in this piece DE92-03045F. We bought the piece and a company sent us 4 pieces and all the 4 new ones are the screen black and you don’t hear clack sound at the beginning. Each time we place the old one with broken numbers you...
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    Kenmore 790.72313013 gas range heats slowly - replaced igniter 2x

    My 7yo gas range is slow to heat and tops out at about 390 degrees. I replaced the oven igniter but it did not help. I had a Sears guy out, he said the part was bad, so I replaced it again with one from a different website than the previous one. I still have the problem. The igniter and oven...
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    VGIC3074BSS Viking Range - Inconsistent burner lighting

    We've had some recent issues with the gas burners lighting consistently. I cleaned the top and made sure there are no obstructions and then I opened the front panel and low and behold I found something that doesn't look too great. Can anyone give me the part # for that unit? Thanks in advance.
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    JSP39GOR1WG GE Electric range - F2 Error - sensor checks out OK

    Hi All, I have a GE JSP39GOR1WG electric range. I've been having trouble with the oven staying at the set temperature for a few months, so I was planning on replacing the sensor anyway, but last week about 10 minutes into cooking I got the F2 error (overheat). It started intermittent and then...
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    FIXED PGLEF385CB1 Frigidaire Range Vent tube adapter screen

    The small one inch diameter screen fell out of the vent tube exhaust at the top right corner, inside the oven. This is the tube rises to exhaust behind the I can't figure out how to reinstall it. The tube is notched in such a way that I can't push it back in. I can't remove the tube from the...
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    Bosch Dual Range HDI8054U

    Small amount of boiling water spilled on the stove top (perhaps unrelated), alarm sounded, although the panel oven was blinking there was no readable error code. After the alarm stopped there was a red light on but nothing was accessible on oven panel. Oven control panel is now totally off. Oven...
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    40" Wide Electric range

    I need to replace an electric range from the 1980's that is 40" wide. To my surprise, that size is not available except for a single Frigidaire Gallery model that is priced over $3000. Any idea where I could find a more normally priced (500-1K) 40" wide electric range?
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    ERSD48 Dacor 48" Dual Fuel Clock and Control Panel Resets Every Few Minutes

    I am guessing on the age. I just purchased it and hooked it up today. The Control Panel is resetting every few minutes. I first noticed it when I turned both ovens on to blast out some of the dust. I was waiting for the heat to start to rise when the panel went blank, and after a few seconds...
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    FE-R400SW Samsung Electric Range - LED display problem & flashing oven light

    Hello, I have a Samsung Electric Range (FE-R400SW), about 5 years old. It is in a unoccupied suite and has barely ever been used. The LED control panel is faint/dim and not displaying properly. Also, when I open the oven door, the oven light flashes on and off quickly 5-10 times accompanied by...
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    KERC507HBS3 Range makes high pitched whining noise, always, from control panel area

    My range makes a high pitched whine that is driving my wife, and thus me, crazy. comes from upper control panel area. Fluorescent light is removed, and cycling the light switch has no effect. Noise is constant, regardless of range/oven being in use. Any help is appreciated.
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    FIXED RF367LXSS Range - Change timer countdown to temperature count-up?

    Our house came with a Whirlpool electric range (RF367LXSS) It's an ok range. One detail that bother me, though, is the display when you turn on the oven. On every other range I've had, the display would be the oven temperature going up as it heats. On this Whirlpool, though, the display is a...
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    1968 Hotpoint Range

    Model Number: 108RCS 36J Brand: Hotpoint Age: More than 10 years Looking to replace the oven gasket. It attaches to the oven and not the door. I believe I need to remove a screw in the oven and then working in back some sort of clip. This allows the liner to pull forward and facilitate...
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    FIXED GE JB860DJWW just stopped working

    Hey! Jake has assisted me twice now with my dryer. Today my GE Dual Oven Range simply died while I was cooking. I purchased the thing March 4th 2016. A little over three month after the warranty was out. When I say the range died I mean it is completely dead. Nothing turns on. No lights...
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    MGT8885XB02 Maytag Gemini natural gas range knob will not turn

    The range knob broke so I took off the face plate and looked at the assembly. I tried to turn the dial with a pair of pliers but it still wouldn't turn on. Is there anything else I should try or a part that I should replace?
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    Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI

    Thermador bad Board Error code 22 leads to Cooling Fan Error Code 43 & discontinued fan 00486894 FYI Hi DIYers! Posting this for posterity. We had a power outage and when we awoke our Thermador range PGR486GDZS/01 was blinking error code 22, which means bad control board. We ordered a new...
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    Dynasty DGRS-30-4 oven thermostat

    I've got a Dynasty range, model DRGS-30-4. The oven keeps overshooting the set temperature, blowing way past it every time we use it. I want to replace the thermostat, but it's no longer being manufactured. Dvorson's, in California, seems to be the only place that has most parts for these (we've...
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    FIXED RF366PXGW0 Whirlpool Range back right burner slow to heat

    We have an older Whirlpool electric range (Model #RF366PXGW0) where the back right burner is slow to heat. It takes about two to three times as long as the others to come to temp and may also be underheating. After doing some internet learning, I am guessing that replacing the switch may be the...