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    Garland Sunfire X Series Oven Fire doesn't go low

    I am communicating here on the hope I can get some help since I have ran out of options locally. I am located in Lebanon-Middle East. I cook on a Garland Sunfire x series Gas range ( 6 burners ) 3 to 4 times a week only. It is 4 years old. Lately, the oven fire is no longer going low but...
  2. A

    Samsung NX58H9950WS Oven/Broiler/Warmer not working

    I'm trying to fix my Samsung NX58H9950WS range. The oven, broiler, and warmer doesn't work; it doesn't get warm nor do I see a dark orange glow. I've tried to get the error codes from the touchscreen but no errors were found. I heard to try to replace the igniter but given the warmer doesn't...
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    Kenmore 970c604720 Wiring diagram or help?

    I'm putting a new top on a kenmore 970c604720 range the wires were not just plug and play , anyone got a diagram or schematic ? I'm almost done just a couple I don't know where they go , as well there was a top put on that didn't have a warmer , it was supposed to be temporary, it has been on...
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    Is this vintage Sears good?

    Model number C-968, I think made by Moffat/Camco. Someone giving it for free. How old is it? Is it reliable, easy to repair and easy to find part? I have Frigidaire range made in early 2000s, would the parts exchangeable?
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    CGS750P4M3W2 GE Cafe gas range - insert to go back down in to this hole where the fan is

    I have no idea how to get this insert to go back down in to this hole where the fan is. Can someone please advise 😭
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    FIXED DF366 Wolf dual fuel range takes 1 hour to pre-heat

    I Just bought a used 36" dual fuel (electric oven) range and it takes about an hour to preheat to 350F. Is this normal? I had a cheap whirlpool I replaced which literally took about 10-15 minutes and if I wanted to bake something quick I would be done within 30-45 minutes and that's including...
  7. K

    First Vintage Appliance Project - 1953 Frigidaire RS-38

    Rescued this 1953 Frigidaire Thrifty 30 RS-38 Electric Range from the basement of an old house. The new owner of the place was going to bring it in for scrap, and I couldn't let that happen. Got it for next to nothing. I've never restored an old appliance before (any appliance really), but I...
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    PHS930BP3TS GE Profile Induction Range - touch control panel unresponsive

    Has anyone experienced the touch control panel on the PHS930 model going completely unresponsive? If so, were you able to get it to work again, and how? The rectangular display glows (attached photo) but doesn’t show any info (time, etc). The cooktop controls don’t light up or anything. The...
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    LRE30451ST LG Range FR burner will not shut off and is full power

    I have a LRE30451ST and the front right burner will not shut off and is full power. I've already replaced the main PCB board but it didn't help. As soon as I plug in the range, the burner starts without any button presses. I've taken out the burner element to inspect it but it looks fine. I'm...
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    Bosch HGS8655UC weak broiler

    I have a Bosch HGS8655UC freestanding range. I've noticed recently that the broiler is getting weaker and weaker. I took a video of the lighting process and you can see how weak the flames are. I've seen a lot of stuff on the internet about failing igniters causing safety valves not to open...
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    JGRP536WP01 Jenn-Air Range Broiler Not Working

    Hello everyone, Recently the broiler on my range stopped working. Everything else works like it should. What I've noticed from sticking my head in there... the ignitor for the broiler works, it's sparking up light it should, but there's no gas coming out of the broiler element. So it just keeps...
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    Is a 19 year old Wolf dual fuel 36" range worth buying?

    Hello, I fund a 36" perfect condition dual fuel wolf range I'd like to buy. Problem is, the range build date is 2003... and seller won't budge off $6500 for it. Range looks perfect, it seems to have been refurbished. I'm just hesitant about a 19 year old range specially when wolf only keeps...
  13. W

    Kenmore Slide in Range C970-445121 controller

    Looking for a controller display board or atleast a part number. i am not having any luck Thanks
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    Viking Range RVDR3305 heating element won't work

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone on here has any experience with replacing these heating elements on this model. There appears to be a very limited amount of youtube vids, and none of them look like this discontinued model. We moved into this house and found out later the oven was busted...
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    970-600762 Kenmore/Frigidaire Range - Oven totally quit out of the blue

    Hey guys, We have a Kenmore model 970-600762 electric range (12 years old) where the oven just conked out totally with no warning. Stove top and clock still works fine. We replaced an element 5 years ago, but when that happened, only one of the two was not working. This time it's just not...
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    Whirlpool W11126814 Oven Control Board for Sale

    Selling a new, open box oven control board- MFG Part Number: W11126814. I purchased this part, but then I realized it was a bad igniter, not control board. I purchased it for $308, but I am willing to negotiate.
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    ZDP36l6D2SS Replacing Thermostat on GE Monogram Oven/Range

    Hi, I have a GE Monogram range (Model #: ZDP36l6D2SS). The oven thermostat is having trouble and the part isn't being manufactured any longer. So, I picked up this universal oven thermostat: 6700S0011 However, I'm stumped trying to match terminals. I'm not great at reading wiring schematics...
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    Whirlpool electric range YWFE550S0HZ front edge scorching hot when using oven

    Hi folks, I bought a Whirlpool YWFE550S0HZ and have found that the front edge of the cooktop gets scorching hot when using the oven. If you didn't know it heats up you could easily burn yourself. I have contacted Whirlpool and they said it is normal for this range, they "do their best" to...
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    Samsung Induction Range NE58H9970WS/AC left side keeps turning off after 5 seconds.

    The left two medium induction burners keep turning off after 5 seconds of being switched on. Right sided large and smaller burners work with no issue. I opened it all up, and troubleshooted following, - tried fault code, but only receive -dE- message, no fault code. - both ceramic fuses are...
  20. K

    LG Range LRE3083BD - Rear Burner Control Turns On Front AND Rear Burners

    LG Range LRE3083BD - When the left rear burner control is turned on, both the left rear burner AND the left front double burner turns on. At that point the controls for the left front double burner have no effect and the left rear control regulates both. If the left front burner is turned on...

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