1. C

    Refrigerator MFI2569VEM1 not cooling, Evaporator frosted

    I have a Maytag MFI2569VEM1 refrigerator. The fridge was no longer cooling freezer was working fine. I noticed the evaporator coils were icing over. Evaporator Fan appeared to be running normally. After defrosting the fridge everything ran normal for about 5 days and unsurprisingly the same...
  2. M

    How to Wire a 3 in 1 Hard Start Capacitor to my small Danby Fridge

    Hello, I have the 3 wires connected to the pins on the compressor with ease. What is stumping me is connecting the other two black wires to the power supply. Given the number of wires coming out of areas like the electronic circuit board (white box to bottom left) I am not sure where to...
  3. M

    FGHB2866PFGA Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator squealing noise

    Electrolux Home Products Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Model FGHB2866PFGA For the past year, my refrigerator has been been making a squealing/grinding noise. This can last 30 mins to an hour when it occurs. It will sometimes occur 2x/day for days on end and then some days not at all. There's...
  4. B

    CYE22TSHPSS GE Cafe fridge is at 68 degrees and the temperature is not dropping.

    I have a GE Cafe fridge - model CYE22TSHPSS It's about 3 years old. The freezer is fine. The fridge is at 68 degrees and the temperature is not dropping. How would I know if the problem is for sure the evaporator fan? I did take off the inside back and i dont see much ice build up..
  5. M

    ET18GMXHW01 Whirlpool fridge ice maker problem

    Hi is always a pleasure to address problem solving with the help of you knowledgeable and helpful folks. Anyway...I have a Whirlpool model ET18GMXHW01 fridge. The icemaker is 106626636. What is happening is this: The icemaker fills with water, freezes, but then does not become...
  6. C

    FIXED MFI2569VEM1 Fridge Freezing/Ice Maker not getting water

    I have a Maytag MFI2669VEM1 refrigerator. The issue I'm having is the refrigerator is freezing up and the ice maker was not producing ice. Looking online I found that if the ice maker is turned on but water is not connected (my water is connected) to the fridge it would cause a similar issue...
  7. R

    596.7924301 Kenmore bottom mount refrigerator - RESET BUT HOW?

    Does someone know how the control board is programmed and explain what I did in case it goes haywire again? Our fridge shut off for some unknown reason. I hit the on/off button and all lights came on and the water dispenser squealed when pressed . Turning off the breaker had no effect...
  8. C

    JFI2089AEP14 Jenn-Air Refrigerator slow water dispenser

    My water dispenser has been slow since day 1 of having this fridge. My observations: - With bypass installed, i can fill 8oz in about 6 seconds. - With a new filter, it's a bit slower, but pretty fast. (I don't have a measurement, but I'd guess 8-10 sec) - As the filter ages, it gets slower...
  9. Oanhluu88

    GSF26C4EXY03 Whirlpool fridge side by side freezer and fridge stay warm

    My Whirlpool model GSF26C4XY03 side by side The Freezer started defrost then stay warm, then the Fridge stay warm after that. I unplug it then plug it on back around 4pm, both Freezer and fridge start working back, ice is made. I leave it stay overnight and in the next morning, I saw ice is...
  10. C

    PSC23NGNABB GE Arctica Profile refrigerator freezer and the fridge are too warm

    I am having a problem with my refrigerator. I cannot turn the thawing off. It says on at 3.0. As a result both the freezer and the fridge are too warm. To date we have done the following. Turned the refrigerator off for several hours and back on. The problem remained. Checked the freezer coils...
  11. D

    795.71303011 Kenmore Fridge error code: ER FF

    Hello everyone, I have this Kenmore Fridge model (no. 79571303011); top portion fridge and bottom is freezer, I had it for about 8 years now. Recently we got this error code (ER FF) displaying on the screen in the fridge section; I noticed the fridge wasn't cooling when this code was displayed...
  12. M

    Frigidaire model#FFHS2611PF6 fridge is lukewarm alarm code H1

    My refrigerator keeps beeping with the alarm code H1. I had the damper, thermostats and gasket replaced. I unplugged the fridge and plugged back in. There are no vents blocked, however, the ice maker sometimes makes ice... but not always. The freezer has ice building up around the top edge...
  13. B

    RS22HDHPNSR Samsung Refrigerator Start Relay

    Hello, My fridge was on but started getting warmer and warmer until finally everything started everything started to melt. Did some research and took a look at the compressor - turns on the compressor and compressor fan isnt turning on. Did some more research and from what I can find and...
  14. J

    Never buying from Samsung again. Beware !

    I have a French door style, with bottom freezer Samsung refrigerator. My ice maker once again has froze up and won’t produce Ice. Ive had it fixed 3 different times since owning this fridge. It’s only a few years old. My ice bin gets so frozen that I cut my finger pretty bad the last time I had...
  15. J

    Frigidaire FRS6R5ESBS Fridge side freezing

    Hey Guys I have a problem this morning My wife noticed that the refrigerator side is freezing the food. Milk was frozen since it was on top along with some other things that were on top shelf. I was trying to search but couldn't locate anything in the forum. I had an issue about 4 years ago...
  16. J

    106.59592990 GFI breaker trips every 12 to 18 hours

    I have a Kenmore Refrigerator Model 106.59592990 i bought used. It runs smoothly but about every 12 to 18 hours it will trip the 20 amp Gfi. I can go reset the breaker and it runs for another 12 plus hours. It gets plenty cold so not sure what the issue is. Any ideas?
  17. G

    GSE25GSHBCSS Ice Maker Not Filling but Water Dispensing

    Ice maker stopped filling. Water still dispenses at a fine rate. Freezer is 0 degrees F. Does this rule out water valve as a cause? Is there anything to try short of replacing the ice maker?
  18. A

    A Newb with a Nash-Kelvinator Fridge

    Hello Everyone! I have, for all of my life, loved the vintage look of appliances. Call me weird, that's fine, I dont mind being weird. Well in the search to get myself a working primary fridge, despite finishing up college and being broke, I pickedup a working Kelvinator on Craigslist for $50...
  19. S

    Middle Bulb and Lower tube Bulb went out and Hearing Buzzing noise From Freezer Side

    Hi guy, I have A GE side by side fridge (GSS25KSTASS) and I woke up yesterday to a horrible surprise. First I just saw the middle bulb out (fridge side) and thought no big deal just a bulb but then i saw the lower tube lighting (bottom half of the fridge lighting) out as and so I started...
  20. C

    RF260BEAEBC Fridge not cold. Do I need a new fan?

    Hello everyone. Thanks for participating on this forum. About a week ago the fan on the fridge starting making noise like it was rubbing on something. The noise would come and go, and could get quite loud. Then the noise stopped a few days ago. Right now the fridge is pretty silent...I...