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  1. K

    How to fix wide swinging refer door

    Our semi-built-in, GE Profile refer door swings too wide automatically and HARD. The refer and cabinet are scratched from it. What I've found searching so far addresses models whose hinges look different than ours. I'm looking for full instructions on replacing whatever part has failed.
  2. M

    Whirlpool side by side refrigerator leaks when push for water

    Our whirlpool side by side door refrigerator is less than 2 years old and it's already leaking water at bottom from freezer side (upper left side) everytime we use the water dispenser. When we push water dispenser, it take about 2-4 seconds before dispensing water. But before, the water would...
  3. J

    Refirgerator Bottom Freezer not working correctly/ technician says it is the sealed system.

    I bought a whirlpool fridge a year and a half ago, it is a french door bottom freezer. Two weeks ago the freezer started to malfunction, it is still cool but it does not cold enough to freeze. It is barely maintaining the already frozen meat. The refrigerator part is still working fine. It is...
  4. G

    ZISS420DRISS GE Monogram refrigerator too warm

    I have a GE Monogram side by side. The refrigerator is not cooling. The temperature in the refrigerator is set to 34 but is indicating 50. The freezer is set to -1 but is indicating -4. All other functions seem to be working properly. The door alarm is on so I don't believe that's an...
  5. K

    GE Refridgerator Not Cooling

    The over/under fridge and freezer are not cooling. The vertically mounted rear fan at the back bottom of the unit is running (evap fan, or condenser fan, I'm not sure which). Whichever fan this is seems to be running continuously. Also, it seems as if a vacuum is not being pulled when I close...

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