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relay failure

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    HMBR350SE Magic Chef Mini fridge compressor gets scalding hot

    Hi, I have a Magic Chef mini fridge as attached that stopped working. It would come on for 15 seconds, click and turn off. I replaced the starter relay and overload protector with https://tinyurl.com/Frezerquestion1 from Amazon and attached. Fridge now comes on but compressor gets scalding...
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    Tri-State Electric Mfg Company Vintage Chest Freezer (1950's?)

    Model Number: TSU-132 Brand: other Age: More than 10 years We bought a vintage Tri-State Electric MFG Company Freezer at an estate sale a few years ago and it has run perfectly until just this week. The freezer went off and it won't come back on. We think the relay switch may have gone out...
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    FIXED Thermador wall oven SMW272YW relay replacement part number needed

    Broiler will come on but not the bake element. Circuit board not available so it's either fix the board or replace the whole oven. Problem is probably a power relay: Omron G8P-UA-006206, is 30A 250VAC. I can't find a replacement and apparently Omron doesn't make one with this part number any...
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    Imperial Freezer Part Help

    I have an old Imperial Upright Freezer. It will get down to 0 deg., but every couple of days it stops working and I have to mess with the Relay/Overload and it takes right off again for a couple of days. When it stops working, I can hear the Compressor start, than immediately shut off again and...
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    test compressor to verify

    Have Side by Side KitchenAid Refrigerator Model KscS27Qfwh01 (zero one) Ser. SH2730744 MFG Date 6/98 W/ Compressor Embraco EGS 90 HLP 20 LRA - R134a --- J98LP9UV I Have read a couple of threads that seem to present a problem similar to the one on my sidebyside unit. That is my unit cools upon...
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    Kichen Aid Superba KEBC247KBL03 top oven stopped heating

    I purchased this double electric oven in Oct. 2004. In June of 2006 it died and the following parts were replaced#8301848 - CNTRL-ELEC and #8300642 TRANSFORMER. I was told at the time that failure of these parts was relatively rare. Right after Thanksgiving this year, my top oven stopped...

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