1. J

    1947 Frigidaire Relay

    I have an old fridge that I believe is tripping on O/L. The number on it 5901083. I was just curious as to if there is a newer replacement or a bypass to get the thing running again. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Old GE refrigerator. Need help, please! Thank you!

    Model Number: 40-391-694 Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years First of all, I'm not sure if that's the right model number. I'm not an appliance guy so I just chose one of the numbers on the motor and rolled with it. Anyway, I have a coworker that bought a really old GE fridge and asked if I...
  3. L

    BRF20TW Amana Fridge warm not cool

    I have learned more about refrigerators in the last two days than anyone should be expected to in a lifetime. I have suffered, though I see light at the end of the tunnel. The other night while I was on my computer I heard an annoying humming sound, I thought it was the computer. When I turned...
  4. C

    Need advice on Haier kegerator refrig system repair

    Hello. My Haier kegerator (HBF05EABB) has crapped out. i.e the refrigeration system doesn't run at all. I did some research and found this thread on this site which at first looked very helpful. Problem is none of the parts shown in the thread look like my system. The attached photos show...
  5. M

    1941 Frigidaire mp--6-41 Yt relay wiring help

    Hi, I just bought a vintage Frigidaire MD 641 . When I plug it and it runs for a few seconds and cuts off. I started to replace the power cord because it was in real bad shape thinking that might be the problem. When I got inside the relay I noticed that someone has previously try to wire this...
  6. R

    FRT18S6JS3 Refrigerator Not Cooling: Evap fan working, relay and capacitor tests checks out.

    Friends, I have a Frigidaire, top freezer refrigerator which is just blowing room temperature air. I took the back panel off, took out the relay and the capacitor and tested them (continuity test for relay, ohm and voltage for capacitor) and they are working fine. I also tested out the...
  7. A

    1951 Frigidaire RELAY

    Fridge was running super cold, but it was cycling on and off every minute. Fridge was 30, freezer 0. Now, things are perspiring, fridge is cruising up (55), and freezer is at 38. I have unplugged it. I have tried to reply to this post 1951 Frigidaire Relay Replacement but it wont let me, even...
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    Worked Great >>> Stored for 2-yrs >>> Now Won't Cool

    1. Bought new Fridge 2-years ago and put this one in the basement for future use. Worked excellent before moving it. 2. Powered it up early this week and left it on overnight and wasn't cool the next day >>> Found that compressor or fan wasn't running. 3. Did some google searching and found...
  9. D

    Imperial Freezer Part Help

    I have an old Imperial Upright Freezer. It will get down to 0 deg., but every couple of days it stops working and I have to mess with the Relay/Overload and it takes right off again for a couple of days. When it stops working, I can hear the Compressor start, than immediately shut off again and...
  10. J

    Whirlpool Duet ht will not power up

    Hello, My whirlpool duet ht washer, GHW9200LW, recently began malfunctioning. It started with showing an F06 code and not completing any cycle. I troubleshooted a couple things and finally decided to spend the $170 for a new MCU unit. After I installed that it didn't fix the issue, except, it...
  11. N

    Compressor not starting

    I had noticed that the freezer was not keeping things cold over the last week or so. Finally, everything thawed. I also noticed that the compressor would try to turn on and would 'hum' or 'buzz' for about 15 seconds and then switch off. It would continue this buzzing every 5 min or so. I...
  12. T

    Old unknown Hotpoint fridge compressor problems. Single phase motor and relay help w/pics

    I bought this old Hotpoint refrigerator as a project fridge. I turned it into this airtight temperature regulated beer fermentation chamber. I do not know about refrigerators, only how to build. This is the setup. -I have the fridge plugged into a temperature regulation device (grey box...
  13. J

    Whirlpool Fridge/Freezer Compressor / Relay / Overload problem?

    Hello all, I know others like me have had to have had a similar problem. So far, however, I have not been able to locate the same problem in any forum post online, although I've read literally dozens of threads today. My freezer stopped making ice yesterday. Thought it was because of a...
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    Trivection Oven Slow to heat

    I have a Trivection oven circa 2005, model number JT930. The oven is/was slow to heat and I hear relays firing like crazy at times. Thinking this was a slam dunk broken element, I pulled the back off to access the wiring to the bottom bake element and metered the element, 22 and 63 ohms, just...
  15. B

    KitchenAid built in frig. Works fine but I hear something cycling on top. Clicks off and pings on.

    My frig is working fine. I hear what sounds like a relay cycling on and off at irregular intervals. The compressor can be running or not and I still hear it several times a minute. I don't recall hearing this before. Appreciate any thoughts or ideas... Bill
  16. K

    Kenmore SxS cooling poorly

    My brother's side by side recently (and suddenly) stopped cooling well. The compressor is humming away in the back. I removed the starting relay device and while there does seem to be a small rattle when shaking it and its camel-backed capacitor, it seems to successfully start the compressor...
  17. J

    Kenmore 253 upright freezer runs but doesn't cool

    Problem: doesn't cool Current condition: fans and light seem to operate properly. Interior temp holds at ambient temperature. No abnormal noises as far as I am aware. I saw the posts on the compressor oil clog issue and mine was mfr in 6/01. However, the sides are not warm or hot. I saw...
  18. S

    Kenmore 59652672200 fails again after changing start relay

    Hello, This is my situation: my Kenmore 596.52672200 stopped cooling after 7 years of service. You could hear the compressor click-hum every few seconds. So after reading the posts here I changed the start relay and capacitor, after I cleaned the dirty bottom coils. that done it worked for 3...
  19. N

    Kenmore Coldspot water dispensing intermittent

    Hi The Kenmore SxS Elite Model # 106.52609100 just started acting up :confused:. When the water level is pressed the water dispenses sometimes and sometimes not. When it does, I get a oz or so it could stop. Ice maker is fine. Based on threads in this forum, I did some checking and when water...
  20. D

    [FIXED] GSL25JFPEBS will not dispense ice, water works, ice maker works.

    Hi everyone! My GE model#(GSL25JFPEBS) will make ice fine, but will not dispense ice. The water will dispense through the front as well, but when pressing crushed or ICE, neither will dispense. The motor does not turn, and the solenoid does not raise(near motor) for the trap door in the...