1. B

    FFPE3322UM Frigidaire Mini Fridge Relay Replacement help with colored wires

    my relay has 6 flat prongs, I’m not sure which color wire goes where, there’s a purple, 2 black, blue, white There’s two silver prongs together on the top right side of the relay and one silver prong on the top left side There’s two golden prongs on the bottom left and one silver prong on the...
  2. K

    ET8CHMXKB00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Old Relay has Two Pins, New One has One, Where to put other wire?

    Hi All, I have an old Whirlpool ET8CHMXKB00 and the Start Relay is bad. I found the recommended part replacement on Whirlpool WP4387938 and ordered it. Where I'm stuck is that the old start relay had two pins and the new relay only has one. The top wire in the old housing is going to the...
  3. J

    FIXED Frigidaire freezer FFFU06M1TW starts, stops freezing

    This is a small upright freezer that's only a few years old, but it sits in a pretty tight space. Found items thawing in the freezer the other day and the sides of the freezer were very warm, so I figured maybe it had been left open a crack and was having trouble keeping up. But no! I turned the...
  4. L

    Kenmore Elite HE5 Dryer 110.97086601 intermittent heating, relay click on/off

    I have a Kenmore Elite HE5 that I got out of storage after several years and it's not working right now but was put away working OK. Initial symptom was no heating at all. I tested all the cutoff switches for continuity, and the thermistor was in spec for ohms, etc. I tried a lot of cycles...
  5. M

    FFTR1821TD0 Frigidaire top freezer refrigerator works intermittently, compressor runs, light bulb goes out.

    I noticed that the fridge light occasionally didn't come on when opening the door. I replaced the bulb but the situation persisted. Yesterday, I noticed that my Diet Coke (TM) was not very cold, so I suspected that the light not working may be related to the fridge not cooling. I cleaned the...
  6. A

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FRT15B3AQ4 need for start capacitor?

    Hi all, In the process of trouble-shooting my refrigerator issues (thread) I ended up taking apart the 3 n 1 start relay to see what was going on. Big "well derrr" from everyone here I'm sure :) but for me it rang a bell with what the guy at the parts store said to me, "This will also replace...
  7. T

    GE Profile Fridge PFSS6PKXCSS stopped cooling after power outage

    After a power outage, our pfss6pkxcss fridge stopped cooling. At first, we noticed the front display was showing the old temps, but clearly these were inaccurate because it was no longer cool in there, so we turned-off the circuit breaker and left it off for 15 mins. When we turned it back on...
  8. J

    MER5765RCS Maytag Oven Heating up very slowly

    Hello, I have a Maytag electric oven (model number MER5765RCS) that was previously working find and is now heating up very slowly after a power surge. Everything on the oven works fine, clock / display, buttons, range elements, even the broiler, except the oven heats up very slowly. When I...
  9. B

    MSD2556AEW Maytag fridge - compressor start relay connection help please

    20 yr old fridge old refrigerator - Maytag MSD2556AEW. Stopped cooling with clicking sounds from the start relay Old relay has 3 prongs and 3 connectors and one of the connectors had a double wire( 2 orange connected together as one terminal , one only white and third one only blue) The part...
  10. T

    Kenmore 970-550130 Compressor Intermittent Start, Clicking

    Started that fridge doesn't cool, compressor doesn't seem on, clicking noise every 4 minutes or so. Thought it was the start capacitor, I now have a replacement and also a replacement start relay. Seems to happen with either combination of the new or old relay or capacitor. However, I was...
  11. K

    FIXED Danby DAR044A6DDB - Mini Fridge - Relay Cover Removal

    Hello! I recently bought a mini-fridge that I plan on gifting to my Dad for Father's Day. From my understanding, it just needs a new starter relay. The only problem is, I think I am going to break the thing before I can even fix it. For the life of me, I can not get this relay cover off. From...
  12. C

    MDB4949SHB0 Maytag Dishwasher stopped working

    I have a Maytag MDB4949SHB0 that is about 3 or 4 years old. It has been working fine but today it just stopped working. I followed the reset procedure but that did not help. When starting the dishwasher (on any cycle) it will fill with water but then never go into wash mode (i.e. the motor...
  13. Jeza

    Buying Wall Oven or range/stove CONTROL BOARDS and RELAY BOARDS, NON WORKING or untested !!!!

    Thermador Jenn-Air Whirlpool Dacor Frigidaire Bosch DCS KitchenAid Maytag Viking
  14. J

    FIXED Jenn-Air Range JDS9860AAP Buzzing Relay, very slow heating

    Hi. So I had a buzzing relay along with heating slowly a few weeks ago so I ordered another one and put it in. The first time I did this it worked like a charm and has been going strong for about 6 years, but unfortunately, this time around the buzzing came back along with the stove heating...
  15. J

    1947 Frigidaire Relay

    I have an old fridge that I believe is tripping on O/L. The number on it 5901083. I was just curious as to if there is a newer replacement or a bypass to get the thing running again. Thanks in advance.
  16. M

    Old GE refrigerator. Need help, please! Thank you!

    Model Number: 40-391-694 Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years First of all, I'm not sure if that's the right model number. I'm not an appliance guy so I just chose one of the numbers on the motor and rolled with it. Anyway, I have a coworker that bought a really old GE fridge and asked if I...
  17. L

    BRF20TW Amana Fridge warm not cool

    I have learned more about refrigerators in the last two days than anyone should be expected to in a lifetime. I have suffered, though I see light at the end of the tunnel. The other night while I was on my computer I heard an annoying humming sound, I thought it was the computer. When I turned...
  18. C

    Need advice on Haier kegerator refrig system repair

    Hello. My Haier kegerator (HBF05EABB) has crapped out. i.e the refrigeration system doesn't run at all. I did some research and found this thread on this site which at first looked very helpful. Problem is none of the parts shown in the thread look like my system. The attached photos show...
  19. M

    1941 Frigidaire mp--6-41 Yt relay wiring help

    Hi, I just bought a vintage Frigidaire MD 641 . When I plug it and it runs for a few seconds and cuts off. I started to replace the power cord because it was in real bad shape thinking that might be the problem. When I got inside the relay I noticed that someone has previously try to wire this...
  20. R

    FRT18S6JS3 Refrigerator Not Cooling: Evap fan working, relay and capacitor tests checks out.

    Friends, I have a Frigidaire, top freezer refrigerator which is just blowing room temperature air. I took the back panel off, took out the relay and the capacitor and tested them (continuity test for relay, ohm and voltage for capacitor) and they are working fine. I also tested out the...
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