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    KDRS505XSS01 KitchenAid Range Blue Porcelain Interior Flaking Off

    I purchased my KitchenAid range late September 2011. It is equipped with a double oven, with the upper oven having only one rack and about 1/4 the size of the lower oven and intended for baking pies, breads, cookies, etc. I only use the upper oven 1-2 times per week. A few weeks ago while baking...
  2. N

    GSD5211P00BB GE Dishwasher - removing lower spray arm

    Hi everyone, Lately my GE Dishwasher (Model GSD5211P00BB - see picture #1 below) hasn't been properly washing dishes and has been leaving a bit of water on the bottom. I tried taking it apart tonight, but am stuck. I unscrewed the two screws holding the basket in place at the back (which...
  3. J

    Oven door spring broke

    Spring broke on door. Magic chef---don't know if I have the right model number so I'm just guessing cause everywhere we looked, that we could get at, it wasn't there. It could be under the stove top (sealed surface burners). We tried to lift it but can only go a couple inches because of an...
  4. H

    Introduce yourself :)

    Hello everybody :) I work at the office of a white goods or appliance repair company in Denmark called Din Hvidevare Reparatør - which translates to Your Appliance Repair. I hope others will introduce themselves as well :) I actually stumbled across this forum, half way around the world...
  5. W

    GE JNM1851DM1CC door film mesh compromise

    You may not be familiar with model JNM1851DM1CC but I have found many references to JNM1851DM2CC - not sure why my model number is so hard to find A guest put something metal in my microwave which contacted the door as it sparked. There is no damage except to the inside of the mesh and film on...

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