replaced control board

  1. F

    Whirlpool WTW4800BQ1 wash cycle not finishing

    Have had problems with our 5 year old whirlpool Wtw4800bq1. Ended up replacing the control board just to have it do what it did the last time it was used. After replacing the control board I did the calibration and everything seemed fine. Brought it back into the house set it up and started a...
  2. leahh1

    FAFW3801LW5 Frigidaire Washer Wont spin, replaced control board and..

    Hello there, i am at a loss on what to do and need our washer in working order as i have a family of 4! our washer all of a sudden wouldnt start, says "no Spin" door locks, the lights turn on, but nothing after the door looks, did some looking online and found somewhere possibly control board...
  3. J

    WT1101CW LG Washer not draining still after replacing parts

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the blog. I seen many posts pertaining to the LG top load washer not draining, and many answers and unfortunately I still have an issue My LG is doing the same thing, throwing a OE code and not draining fully. I have replaced the pump and the control module on top...