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    Where to find a WB24X5285 replacement thermostat for our GE JAS03*R3 oven ...

    Hi, all! We have in a vacation cabin a 20+ year-old little GE JAS03*R3 range whose thermostat appears to be dying or dead. At first the oven simply ran a pretty constant hot, but now it appears to go up and down, requiring pretty constant watching to cook anything effectively. Unfortunately...
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    FIXED NX58H9500WS - Disconnecting Igniter connectors

    Our Samsng gas range died (would not heat up), and I soon realized the igniter assemble was not working. Ordered an OEM replacement to match the existing - this has 2 separate connectors, not the single block (see attached). If it was a single block configuration I probably would not even be...
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    LFXS29626S LG Refrigerator - Replace a piece for ice bucket

    I’m trying to find a replacement for this gear piece, without replacing the entire ice bucket. Any suggestions on what it’d be called and where to find it?
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    1920s Hotpoint RA65 Element

    I recently purchased a 1920s Hotpoint RA65 electric range and my son is in the process of rewiring it. However, the "thrift cooker" element (the well where the aluminum pot sits down in) broke when he was trying to remove it. Does anyone know where I could possibly get another one of these or...
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    790.95664100 Kenmore Range - Hot surface light turns off when burner turned off with new replacement burners

    Hi, all. Here is the short of my situation - I had to replace the two rear burners on our range. We were able to get them to work (more on that below), but with the new burners, the hot surface light turns off immediately when the burners are turned off. They do not come on until the surface...
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    Need new gasket for old GE wall oven - can't find model number

    Hi, we love our GE wall oven so much! Just noticed that the gasket has failed - looks like a section got hot. I cannot see a model number anywhere. Would love some help figuring out how to find the right replacement gasket. Thanks.
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    Bosch HMC80251UC/01 Microwave Spring/Hinge Broke

    I have a Bosch HMC80251UC/01 and the right spring/hinge broke. I called Bosch and they don't have that part. They only sell the entire door. Does somebody know the part number for that spring/hinge? Also are there any instructions on how to replace it. I searched youtube but there isn't really...
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    FIXED FGF379WECS Oven Takes Forever To Heat

    Greetings! I've got a Frigidaire FGF379WECS in need of an oven igniter. I've ordered the part and started taking apart the oven to access the old part but have yet to find a video/write-up that covers my model. On the back of the oven there is no lower external wire connector plug guard as...
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    WRX986SIHZ00 Replacing the stainless steel door panel

    Hi all, new here and figured this would be a good place to start. We have 3 small dents in the ice/water dispenser door of our new refrigerator. I went to the site below and also referenced the manual to try to find what part number it is and all. Is this something where you can replace just...
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    KUIS15NRHW9 Advice on purchasing a new Freestanding Ice Maker

    Hello, Jake, I'm hoping you see this post, because after reading several of your other posts I know how knowledgeable you are and also how helpful you've been to others. Appliance repair is an art form that you've got down perfect! I'm the owner of a commercial building that has about 12...
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    Replace 2 0+4 Spark Modules with 1 0+6 Spark Module in 6-Burner Viking?

    I have a 6-burner Viking stove which uses 2 0+4 spark modules (e.g. the PA020047 or Invensys U-67204-7). In other words, two outputs of one of the spark modules are unused. It seems silly, but that's the way it is.... One of the spark modules is now dead or dying. I've replaced spark modules...
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    MED9600SQ0 Maytag dryer was squealing and now won't start

    For several weeks my dyer has been squealing at different times during the drying cycle. Tonight, I tried to turn on the dryer, the control clicked like it was going to start but nothing happened. The control lights up "sensing" but will not start. I've read the threads about the roller wheel...
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    LG water line replacement that goes underneath french door fridge

    Developed a leak under the left door(freezer). Upon removing the bottom front panel I quickly saw 2 water lines. A smaller blue line for I presume the ice maker, and a larger 5/16OD white line for the water dispenser. The larger line developed a crack which leaked whenever the water dispenser...
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    Compatible burner elements for old (1950's or 1960's?) GE Calrod electric range?

    Model Number: J31501DC Brand: GE Age: More than 10 years The house we're renting has an old (1950's or 1960's?) GE Calrod electric range (Model # J31501DC). This past week, a tiny piece of 1 of the 4 GE Calrod burner elements (Model # 298B551) suddenly 'flew off' onto the floor. When it...
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    PFS22SISBSS Should I repair or replace 10 year old fridge?

    Serial # TL041767-- There was a problem, fridge hot. Cleaned and vacuumed the back an underneath area. Called and had service man replace relay switch ($135) last month. It was not cooling at all. Had herad it trying to "click on" but then stopping. Fridge ran well after the installation. But...
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    Hardwick Propane Stove Burner Needed

    HI I am looking for a front burner replacement. The model number I have and the part numbers etc have all been discontinued. Does anyone know of a compatible part?
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    FIXED Whirlpool Duet Dryer Control Panel Replaced (Twice), Worked, Now Non-functioning Again

    Hello, I recently had to repair my dryer as it was non-responsive from the control panel but had the tub light on and following the advice of this forum (FIXED Whirlpool Duet GEW9250PW0 Dryer is down) I was able to replace the Control Panel Touchpad User Interface and the dryer worked! For a...
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    Cannot Find Conversion Kit for old Kenmore Oven

    I have an old (sometime between 1950 and 1970 I estimate) Kenmore Oven and I have not been able to find a kit (set of Orifices) to convert it from Natural Gas to Propane. I have attached 4 pictures of the stove for context. Can anyone tell me where to find the parts I need? Or at least the...
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    Infinte Switch Part Change

    I am investigating a fire that started with a KitchenAid cooktop, Model # KESA907PSS00. I am specifically looking for the part numbers: 9759781 and 9759782. Those part numbers are the infinite switches for that particular cooktop. I have checked with the manufacturer about ordering these parts...
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    Ignitor Module Replacement on Frigidaire FFGF3053LSD Gas Stove

    Left front stove burner won't spark. All other burner ignitors work properly. Diagnosed to ingitor module or conection to the ignitor module. Frigidaire Manuals do not explain/show how to gain access to the module to replace it and says it is not made to be accessable. Question: How do you...

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