1. Nate B

    WRF736SDAM13 whirlpool gold French door fridge constantly resetting.

    WRF736SDAM13 whirlpool gold series fridge. About a day before reset and control panel issues door was left open a little long, about 20 minutes. In the past we had an issue in a similar situation where it seemed to cause some condenser issues and eventually a control panel that kept resetting...
  2. Y

    790.97509000 Kenmore Range - Oven resets (flashing clock) and turns off when in convection mode

    Hello, While running in convection mode the display flickers and dims and eventually the oven just turns off and resets...the clock starts flashing "12:00". I've turned off the circuit breaker and leaving it off for a few minutes, then try again with the same results. If I run it in regular...
  3. M

    KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator Keeps Resetting with PO Error Code power outage

    Got a 2 year old Kitchenaid KRMF706ESS01 that keeps resetting every 5-10 minutes with the code PO on the screen. I've researched the issue and replaced the main control board, power board and the user interface. None of which fixed the issue, can anyone offer any insight as to why my $3,000...
  4. M

    RDDB301 Viking Dishwasher No lights won't start beeps 3 times

    This is a Viking D3, RDDB301 dishwasher. I have had it for a for I think a little under 10 years. It won't start at all. When I press any of the control buttons excluding the start button no led will light but it will beep 3 times every time. The start button will do the reset. It will run the...