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    RUUD Weatherking short cycling then stops

    I have a RUUD (RHEEM) WeatherKing Model # 80PS07EBR01 (Installed in 2008) It is short cycling several times before it shuts off completely. Induction motor kicks on. Burner ignites. Blower comes on anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds, then shuts off and repeats. Sometimes it will...
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    FIXED 4-month old Rheem 50-gallon electronic ignition water heater pilot won't light

    I recently installed a new GE (Rheem) residential, 50-gallon, SG series, natural gas, hot water heater (model number SG50T12AVG00). :mad:After inspection by the city inspector, I replaced my old working brass lever natural gas shutoff valve with a new brass ball-joint valve. After...
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    Rheem pilot light won't stay lit

    Hi Jake, Got a new one for you. A couple of weeks ago we got a lot of rain around here and our basement got flooded. Twice. Both times, the water got high enough to douse the pilot light. Each time, I got the pilot re-lit and everything was working fine. This past weekend, we went out of...