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    110.26902692 Kenmore Washer makes chugging noise before rinse

    This washer will fill and wash ok. When it stops to switch over to the first drain and spin/rinse, the agitator will partially turn and make a clicking sound. I have attached a video. It will spin fine if manually put into spin. Thanks for the help!
  2. K

    110.28902790 Neverending rinse cycle on Kenmore 90 series

    Hi there! So I have an old 90 series washing machine that's started to get intermittent washing success. What sometimes happens is that it gets stuck midway through the rinse cycle and instead of proceeding to the spin cycle it will just pour water down the drain- sometimes all night and until...
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    110.28872891 Washer trickle fill in rinse cycle

    I have a Kenmore 80 Series. Had been running just fine. All the sudden it only trickles with two small streams in the rinse cycle. It fills both hot and cold water fine. It is not a water pressure issue. It is not a blocked water inlet valve or I wouldn't have cold water to fill for wash...
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    FIXED KitchenAid Dishwasher - KUDD01DPPA1 - Rinse cycle Red light keeps blinking and making sound

    Hi All, Yesterday just out of nowhere the red light for the rinse cycle started blinking and makng sound. I tried to turn it off and start after a while but that did not help. Does anyone have a clue of what this is? Do I need to change some part. My Model # is KUDD01DPPA1. I tried searching...
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    Kennmore Washer will not rinse or spin

    So my washer decided not to rinse or spin any more. It washes fine and comes to the rinse stage and stops. I tried going straight to the rinse or spin, but nothing happens. Seems like the lid switch would need to be replaced. Any guidance on how to proceed.
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    Kenmore 80 - Washer does not stop after first rinse.

    Hey All, our Kenmore 80 Series washer does not stop after the first rinse - though the dial is set to "one rinse" - and the automatic second rinse therefore wastes water and electricity. Would this be a timer issue?
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    FIXED GE Profile Washer Won’t Fill Completely on Rinse Portion of Cycle

    The washer will fill with hot, cold, or warm water on any wash cycle, agitate, spin and drain correctly, but in any rinse cycle will only fill partway and then pause forever. If the load size selector is then turned low enough the rinse cycle will begin (after pushing the stop/start/pause...
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    Kenmore washer will not rinse

    Please help! My Kenmore washer will not rinse or spin but will wash. What seems to be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    MAV7551AWW Atlantis Washer getting stuck on rinse cycle

    Washer repeatedly gets stuck during the rinse cycle. It will stop, sometimes for hours, and eventually kick-in again and finish the load. Always happens with tub full of water. Sometimes it smells like burning plastic. A few times there has been smoke rising from inside (in between the tub and...
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    FIXED Two GE Front Loads WBVH5300K1WW - one won't spin the other won't rinse

    One won't spin- error code E46 fails T06, t07, and t11. I've changed the control unit, checked the filters and cold and hot water valves, and all other tests pass. Other won't rinse - error code E22. T06-9 failed. I checked all filters and valves. After checking the valves all tests...
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    Kenmore 80 washer will only rinse with cold water

    I can't find my situation anywhere. My Kenmore 80 series washer works fine except that it fills with only cold water during rinse cycle. But the temperature selection works fine for wash! So it can't be a problem with supply or inlet hoses. What would make it use only cold water for the rinse? I...
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    rinsing issues on MDB9600AWS: manifold mounting bracket loose

    My MDB9600AWS previously had rinsing issues, which we (my wife is user 91030mom) solved using your advice to replace the docking station with flappers, perhaps one year ago. The problem has recurred. Dishes, especially the top rack, have baked-on soil deposits. Am presuming they don't get...
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    Hot water in rinse instead of cold

    Hi - The temperature of the water is correct in every mode except rinse. Would this be a timer malfunction or a water inlet (solenoid) issue - or something else? I appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks in advance! Wayne Fort lauderdale
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    Whirlpool Gold won't rinse

    Just last night my dishwasher stopped finishing the rinse cycle. It gets all the way there - rinses a bit and then the lights on the control panel flashes - it seems to want to start but just can't get there - and it does this over and over and over until I hit cancel and hold it down for 3-5...
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    [FIXED] KitchenAid Dishwasher - No final rinse water?

    I have a 4 year old KitchenAid dishwasher KUDP02CRWH2 that I think is having trouble with the final rinse. I have searched the questions on this forum but have not found anything that matches 100%. Dishes come out looking clean however my wife (pregnant senses) says there is a slight odor...
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    Hung at rinse cycle; then burning smell; now won't fill with water

    Hello and thank you for this forum. I have read through many of the posts here and done a fair bit of troubleshooting but still have not been able to identify the problem, which is this: - For the first time, the DW hung at the rinse cycle. I heard a strange whirring noise, considered it, left...
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    [FIXED] HELP!!! Whirlpool LSN1000KQ

    I have a LSN1000KQ that I ran a load in the other day, load agitated fine and it was a regular load, got through the #6 wash part and just stopped, will not drain, will not spin, will not rinse. I have a very mechanically inclined husband but I am broke and can not afford to pay a repair person...
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    GE Profile Dishwasher GDS4030 - Rinse buttons stopped working

    I have a GE Profile Dishwaster (GDS4030) that is eight or so years old. A couple of weeks ago, I started a "Rinse & Hold" operation, but then changed my mind and hit "Start/Reset". After a minute or so, the cycle stopped. But ever since then, both the "Rinse & Hold" and the "Hi Temp Rinse"...