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    Roper RTW4516FW1 makes clicking noise then stops

    Hello, this is my 1st post on this forum. I have a Roper RTW4516FW1, Serial C71434784 This machine is basically new, not more than 1 year old (new old stock) (to me, this is brand new...I usually own a wonderful old one) - The machine goes through the fill cycle & agitate cycle (I apologize if...
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    Need replacement thermocouple - pilot assembly - vintage: 1952??

    Model Number: 1052106 Brand: Roper Age: More than 10 years For a double Roper oven. Thermocouple is 24" long and terminates in a small plastic head with flat blade terminals. The oven worked fine until recently. Pilot will not stay lit now. Anyone have an idea where to look for...
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    REL4636BW1 Roper Dryer Getting Warm but Not Hot Enough To Dry

    Have a Roper Dryer Model REL4636BW1 that was working fine but now is taking forever to dry a load of clothes. The dryer does produce heat but does not get as hot as it has in the past. Any ideas on what could be wrong?
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    FIXED Roper RTW4340SQ0 washer stopped working

    The washer stopped working at the drain/spin cycle so the washer is full of water. Took laundry out and messed with it some but not getting anything to happen, other than when I changed the water level to higher amount and started it, it did fill up further but nothing else. It will not agitate...
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    Hello everyone, I'm handy with tools but a Washer Amateur. I have plenty of experience doing replacements and fix-its on appliances and cars. I'm having trouble working on our Roper washing machine. Model no. RTW4340SQ0. The timer stopped working when I noticed the first spin was going on 45...
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    Could really use some advice on Roper electrician waĺl oven before holidays

    Hi. Just registered here. I have a Roper wall oven that had to be momentarily moved away from its cabinet. My labels fell off before wires could be reconnected so Im unsure what went where. I had disconnected the red and black leads and the white/neutral. the bare copper ground I didn't touch. I...
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    Roper washer agitates doesn't spin

    hello, i have model RTW4440VQ1 after researching many repair threads and replacing timer, lid switch, agitator cam assembly, clutch and transmission the machine Still will not spin after agitating. Empties water.... Found a thong wrapped around agitator during first tear down as culprit to...
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    Roper washer agitates, but won't spin

    Hello there! I'm trying to help my sister with a Roper washer issue. The washer will fill, agitate, drain and rinse without issue. It will not spin. After searching the net for solutions, I tried replacing the clutch. After replacement, the washer would only spin if she lifted the lid...
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    Door won't close easily

    Door won't close easily I have to lift the door to close the refrigerator door. I suspect something to do with hinge and the cam that is intended to make the door close by itself. What parts should I check/replace?
  10. C

    Heating Problem - Replaced Thermal Cut Off Twice

    I'm beyond frustrated by this, so any help anyone could provide would be fantastic. My dryer stopped working two weeks ago, I quickly determined that it had no heat, so I opened up the back panel and checked the heating element, thermostat and thermal cut off for continuity. The thermal cut off...
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    Roper Gourmet Vintage Range - Stove

    We have just purchase a new home (built in 1928) and it has a Roper Gourmet 6 burner, 40 inch double oven range/stove. Model 602D86E44, SN: 008222. The oven pilot lights are about 3/4 to an inch tall and the right hand one is 2/3 yellow....both ovens are very warm/almost hot, and I just dont...
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