run capacitor

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    GE Profile WPRE6100G0WT has very slow spin speed AND broken mode shifter coil

    The problem: My GE Profile washer ends with my clothes soaking wet. I bypassed the lid switch with a magnet and saw that the spin cycle runs but is... weird. It starts off relatively quickly (but nowhere near the normal fast spin speed since it's only roughly 200 RPM), then after a minute or so...
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    FIXED LG LFX28968ST not cooling, where's my class action lawsuit?

    8 years old, has served us well, ice maker jams frequently (needs to be taken out, shaken up and put back in) but overall a good functional unit. Till yesterday. I opened up the back, no LED blinks, tested the Run Capacitor (showing 18uf on the multimeter) while hoping for an easy fix, the...
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    106.51133210 Kenmore Refrigerator/freezer doesn’t get cold enough.

    Kenmore Coldspot: 106.51133210 (side-by-side) The refrigerator started getting warm so I moved almost all the food to garage fridge. Some things I moved from fridge to freezer because the freezer temperature was roughly what the fridge should be. After a day or two it got cold again and froze...
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