runs but no heat

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    FIXED MGDC200XW0 Maytag Centennial Gas Dryer...runs but no heat

    Removed thermal fuse and tested for continuity; no continuity. Looking to pick up replacement WP3392519 In meantime, I bridged the wires that connect to the thermal fuse to briefly test if the dryer would heat up, but didn't. Is that an indicator or another problem? When I ran the dryer with...
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    FGMV174KFC Frigidaire Microwave 'runs' not heating.. switch??

    Topic name is a great reference to this.. I didn't see ANY posts for my unit here (specifically the KFC version, there are a few posts regarding I assume the previous year model, KFB).. I did a google search for my issue - We can start the microwave, and it runs (light comes on, fans whir...