1. 5

    I have a kitchenaid KDFE204EBL1 dishwasher leaking from the side

    I have a kitchenaid KDFE204EBL1 dishwasher, purchased in 2015, that has been leaking from the left side for some time...a little at first, and now a small flood. I cleaned the filters, and it still leaked. I moved the dishwasher out, and I found water on the left side panel, beneath the white...
  2. T

    GE GFSF2HCYCBB moisture/ice build up in refrigerator top shelf

    There is a persistent moisture buildup or a little bit of ice in the vent part of the top of the fresh food part of this french door refrigerator. You can see it's gotten so bad it's causing some rust in the shelf grooves. I unplugged the fridge and let it defrost for 48 hours and plugged back...
  3. E

    MVWC565FW2 Maytag washer while cleaning foul odor found rusted agitator shaft

    I have taken apart my washer because it has foul odor. While cleaning I found the agitator shaft rusted and poor shape. I cleaned the smell but want to know if I need to replace this part before proceeding? Also what caused it so I can prevent this happening in the future?
  4. T

    Frigidaire Refrigerator FSC23F7HSBA - Freezer floor filling and icing, then leaking onto floor

    Greetings Appliance Experts, I have a 10-year-old Frigidaire side-by-side (model FSC23F7HSBA) the floor of the freezer fills up with ice after a day or two to the point where it starts to leak out of the freezer door seal onto the floor. The ice maker works fine and I do not notice any...
  5. N

    Electrolux refrigerator E32AR75JPS1 rust in drain pan

    Ok so this past weekend my freezer stopped working (still haven’t got that figured out or fixed yet) and decided to check overall condition of my fridge. Cleaned around condenser coils and it seems to be running fine. Pulled out the contents to give a quick clean and when I pull out the bottom...
  6. K

    Worth repairing this door leak? (DW7933LRA)

    Short version: should I try to get this leak repaired, or should I just replace the dishwasher? Longer version: For a long time, the steel on the inside left of the dishwasher door has been a bit bent--see photo below (Samsung model DW7933LRABB). I also have really hard water (getting a water...
  7. ayork

    KSC24C8EYY02 Leaking on fridge side under crisper drawers

    Kitchenaid model ksc24c8eyy02, side-by-side a little less than six years old. Water pooling under crisper drawers found to be caused by a rusty galvanized steel drip pan (part number W10317862). The drip pan rusted so bad the rust bits clogged the drain pipe that drains condensate from the lower...
  8. T

    BIS42CKC GE Monogram Refrigerator rust/condensation on Evaporator Housing

    I've attached a photo and diagram to help assist in my explanation of the post. Our 28 year old BIS42CKC GE Refrigerator is running and cooling well. However, with the Refrigeration Unit positioned above, and the Evaporator Housing placed to the left side, the left side Exterior has developed...
  9. C

    MHWE201YW00 Sourcing outer tub with bearing for Maytag

    Howdy -- We have a Maytag MHWE201YW00 that ran in to problems. I identified the issue as the bearing in the outer tub and sourced a part online (part # W10285625). The shipped part ($210) had a totally rusted bearing:
  10. S

    Rusty Pulley Plus F06 Error

    I have the Kenmore Elite H3 Washer. I had a burning smell paired with an F06 error code. In the process of investigating its cause (checking all of the connections between the MCU/CCU/Drive, etc.) I noticed that the motor was spinning and that the drive belt was not turning with it (thus the...
  11. W

    Rust hole in back of freezer? Leaking water (I hope)

    Hello all, So I just purchased a freezer off of craigslist today and, although I thought I gave it a good look around before I bought it, I got it home and noticed a small rust hole in the back of the freezer. Because the freezer had been on previously, it was thawing a bit and some water (I...
  12. S

    Kenmore 417.43042200. with oil leak

    :confused: The original thread was a little cufusing I just want to confirm. It looks like I have the same problem Kenmore 417.43042200. with oil leak into the clothes and minor aluminum tri-arm rust ( that can be cleaned out). I already took my washer apart, down to the tubs and stainless...
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