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    Samsung refrigerator model RH25H5611SR ice maker not making full pieces of ice

    So my ice maker has stopped making ice. I have reset it and still no success. The ice maker after reseting will put a little water into the ice trays but only enough to make about half of an ice cube and will not drop the ice and it will just sit in the tray unless I reset the ice maker. I...
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    RF28HFEDBSR/AA Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit (PCB Issue)

    Alright guys I have a question regarding a Samsung ice maker service kit that I'm stumped on and can't find any information regarding. Hoping one of you have possibly encountered this before. Unit info : RF28HFEDBSR/AA Installed all components that came with the kit : New I/M assembly...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF23M8070SR never ending ice maker problems

    This refrigerators ice maker is a nightmare. Since we purchased this refrigerator I have had it serviced or replaced three times. I would do anything to not have this Refrigerator. What a disaster for $2500. Here is a summary of the repairs: Had what seemed to be a very experienced repair man...
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    RF25HMEDBSRA Needing Service Manual please

    Hi, we are working on a Samsung French door ref. the I/M is not making ice in the ref. Both I/M and ice room fan have been replaced. I/M functions when test button is pressed. if someone could post a link to a manual that would be awesome! we are not sure where to go next with out being able...
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    Upper Ice Maker Ice Melts in Drawer, Clogs Dispenser and Cracked Drawer

    My upper ice maker has a broken drawer/bucket. The thing has cracked right down the middle from the back to the front. I've ordered a replacement but I'd like to find out if there is a solution to what I think is the problem. Symptoms: 1. The ice in the drawer will melt slightly toward the...

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