samsung oven

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    NE59J3421SS/A Samsung Broiler warm but not hot

    My Samsung oven is not getting hot on bake cycle and broiler not glowing red hot on broil cycle. I believe it's because the broil element is not getting red hot although its hot to touch. Broiler element resistance measures at 17ohm which is within range. Temp sensor resistance is 1200 ohm...
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    FER300SX Power Issue with Samsung

    Good Evening, We are in the process of replacing a VERY old (I would have to guess 1970s) electric range with a used Samsung model FER300SX - can confirm it was working prior to our pickup and transport. Each range had a power cord already fixed to the back of it. [The old stove had 3 prongs...
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    FIXED Clock/Digital controls not working on my Samsung Oven FTQ3531WUW

    We moved our Samsung convection oven out of the kitchen in order to lay new floors. When we moved it back, the control panel would not light up and clock and oven would not work. However, the stove is working. We replaced the control board ($100) thinking that a bad circuit breaker may have...