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    Samsung Top Load WA48H7400AW/A2 No Hot Water

    Hello - We've been having issues with our Top Load Samsung Washer - WA48H7400AW/A2. I've done a ton of research here, but after trying everything suggested we're still having issues. Basically we're not getting Hot water into the machine even though shoes are correct, no kinks. etc. We've...
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    WF455ARGSGR/A2-00 Samsung Washer 3E2 code

    Another new one for me! Working on this Samsung washer. No tech sheet but I found one online. Was able to stumble through diagnostic mode to get the 3E2 error code. Looking around I’ve seen post on other sites that this can be the stator, main PCB, inverter, hall sensor, wiring harness. Some ppl...
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    WF56H9100AG/A2 Samsung Front Load Washer displays 4e

    Hello. I am new to the forum and I have a Samsung Front Loader model WF56H9100AG/A2 Washer. When it is on the wash cycle the display shows a 4E. This happens when it is about 3 to 4 minutes going through its wash cycle. I have made sure all filters are clear of debris, which includes the Cold...
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    WF448AAP/XAA Samsung Washer Repair or Substitution of Discontinued Part

    This is a Samsung WF448AAP/XAA 02, built December 2009, in service since 2010 when we purchased it new. It has sprung a leak in a T-shaped part (I assume backflow preventer) just before the steam assembly. See here for context and here for picture of crack in the part...
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    WF45K6500AW/A Samsung tech sheet needed SUD and 5C errors

    I have a client that complains that the washer is not working properly and shows error code SUD and 5C. I would like to find the tech manual for this model so I can run it through diagnostic mode. Will a different (older) tech sheet work? Does anyone have the instructions for test mode etc?
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    Samsung front loading washer won’t bring water in

    I bought a front loading Samsung washer and dryer a year ago. Our warranty ran out a month ago and guess stopped working. I cleaned the front filter and it still isn’t able to bring water in. Everything is connected. It turns on fine, selects the cycle, but won’t wash or anything. It...
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    WA422PRHDWR Samsung Washer not Working

    My washer initially gave me the 3E error code. It stopped mid cycle and then would not spin or fill afterwards. I read the thread on here about that as well as other sources and found one person who cleaned out the hose to the water level pressure switch and that worked for them. It worked for...
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    Samsung WF210ANW/XAA Not Filling

    We replaced the rubber door boot on our washer because of mildew build up. Once we got the washer put back together the washer no longer fills with water. It turns on, and will start a cycle... Just no water comes into the washer. The hoses are fine, water is on with pressure, door is locking...
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    WF448AAP/XAA Samsung Washer Hose Building Swells Up and Builds Pressure

    One of the similar looking black hoses that connects to a dispenser on the inside of the machine at the end of the washing cycle (when the machine starts to drain and spin) is swelling and building pressure. The tubes go into a metal box that says high heat. The dispenser is connected with a...
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    WF364BVBGWR/A2 Has anyone managed to get a Samsung front loader leveled/balanced?

    Bought this about a year and a half ago to replace my 12 year old Kenmore. I've never been able to find the sweet spot for this thing when leveling, no matter what, at the start of the spin cycle when it's still at relatively low RPM and just starting to build up speed, it'll do a dozen or so...
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    Samsung Washer Won't Spin

    I need help diagnosing the problem with my washer.
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    Samsung Not Draining Unless Drained From the small drain hose in the front right lower corner

    My Samsung washing machine (Model# WF218ANW/XAA) will not spin or drain unless I manually drain it using the pump located in the right lower corner of the front of the machine. It stops at every drain cycle. This is really wearing on me! I have replaced the drain pump, checked hoses for...
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    WF410ANW/XAA Samsung Washer Draining Problem

    My Samsung is making a slightly strange noise upon starting. I found a small leak underneath, so am assuming maybe the drain pump is bad? After the washer filled up, it wouldn't spin and seemed to just sit in this one phase and never progress. The lock wouldn't open until I drained the tub...
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    Samsung Washer makes noise when spinning

    Samsung Washer used to be quiet and I was able to dry most loads for 55 minutes. Now, it does not remove enough water from clothing, makes noise when spinning and goes from displaying the number 8 to the number 6 while spinning at a high speed to stopping and going to the number 1 immediately...
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