1. S

    RF28HMEDBSR/AA Rev20 no water or ice dispensing

    Good morning, Last night the ice and water dispenser decided to just stop working. The front panel display functions perfectly. The switch clicks and I verified with my Fluke the paddle switch does function correctly. (Makes and breaks contact when pushed). The ice maker makes perfectly. I...
  2. H

    Side-Loaded Samsung Washer WF42H5000AW/A2 Won't Spin

    We had issues with our washer not spinning before. Cleaning out the filter on the bottom left usually helped get it started again, but this time around it hadn't worked. We were initially getting the 3E2 error code which indicated it was the Drive Motor Stator and Rotor Assembly DC31-00112A...
  3. D

    Samsung WF337AAG/XAC main pcb

    Hello, brand new to this forum, looking for some guidance. I have read online, watched videos, and searched this forum before coming here, as well as a few people I know irl who had the same issue ... kind of a last resort here. Our Samsung wf337aag washer has worked fine for 10ish years. in...
  4. C

    RF27T5501S Samsung fridge inside view NOT working properly!!!

    I keep getting this every time I try to view the inside of my fridge. It says to please add food inside the fridge, I have food inside my fridge but keep getting this image. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?
  5. DjFrobo

    Samsung Refrigerator RS27T5200SR service manual, Samsung water filter still will not dispense water, with filter removed water flows

    I have never worked on a Samsung fridge so I am in need of a service manual. Customer says the ice maker is "jammed up" and not dispensing ice. I am hoping this is just a typical condensation issue. The second problem is the water filter. They replaced the filter with a 3rd party unit but it did...
  6. X

    FIXED Samsung RF260BEAEBCIAA ice maker not working

    I just replaced the ice maker, reset it and the refrigerator and still won’t produce ice. There is water pressure too. Any ideas?
  7. A

    Samsung RF263BEAESR Refrigerator Leak from Waterline to Ice Maker

    Hello All, I have finally gotten around to replacing the needed components to my ice maker to keep it from freezing up. The ice maker now works and makes plenty of ice that is the right size and shape. I noticed however that when water is being sent to ice maker some of it leaks out of the...
  8. T

    Samsung Washer WA50M7450A leaking between water hose and dispenser

    Hi. My washer is dripping water from the back panel, right underneath where the hot water enters. Water is leaking from the blue thing above it, as pictured. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. M

    New controller for Samsung Range NX58R4311SS/AA seems to have buttons confused

    The board fits just right, but pressing the set clock button doesn't set the clock, instead it just says "Hi" on the screen. Additionally, convection bake doesn't seem to do what it's supposed to do. Convection bake, roast and other work fine. Was I sent the wrong board? A bad board?
  10. L

    Samsung Washer WF42H5600AW New Bearings & Shocks but Washer Still Makes Racket During Spin Cycle

    Samsung WF42H5600AW/A2 mfd: April 2014 Issue: Despite new bearings and shocks, washer continues to make a loud noise during spin cycle. For months, our washer makes an awful racket during the spin cycle and had a small leak. I disassembled the washer and discovered that half of the lower...
  11. M

    Samsung WD8122CVD won't turn on

    Our Samsung washing machine had a really bad noise problem when spinning for a really long time now and we decided to fix this ourselves. We dissambled the whole thing and changed the bearing and put it together turned it on run a spinning program worked as expected without noise. So my mom put...
  12. B

    FIXED Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS - HO EAA Error Code

    Our Samsung Gas Range model #NX58H5600SS has an issue that seems to have just started with a fluctuating and inconsistent oven temperature. I placed the probe from my smoker grill in the oven and the temperature (set at 350° F) would rise to above 350 and below 350 (as much as 50 degree...
  13. H

    ME21H706MQS Samsung Microwave sounds like it’s on after stopping timer

    Tonight a run cycle was stopped before the timer ran out. The interior light went out but the MW sounded like it was still running, only not quite as loud. It eventually powered off - as in lost power. I unplugged for 20 seconds and plugged back in. Power was restored but the unit immediately...
  14. W

    Samsung Refrigerator RF260BEAESR/AA Freezer Not Freezing

    The freezer does not freeze. Fridge works. Cleaned coils behind the fridge. Changed temp and tried power freeze but didnt help. Have unplugged and plugged back in many times. Thermometer I put in the freezer drawer was reading warmer than the digital reading on fridge the first few days. Then...
  15. R

    Drain / Fill issues? Kenmore 402.49032010 - Made by Samsung

    Hello all. I have a Kenmore Kenmore 402.49032010 - Made by Samsung. A while back I replace the drain pump due to "ND". My family says it still leaves the cloths wet sometimes and they have to rerun the machine. They have not reported any msg's, and only that the washer is off and cloths are...
  16. D

    Samsung RFG297ACRS/XAC not cooling

    Hello, my 2010 Samsung fridge has stopped cooling. We first noticed that the freezer was getting warm and the fridge was still getting to its set temperature of 4degC. However after a few days the fridge temperature started creeping up as well, with the freezer at room temperature and the...
  17. C

    Samsung Washer WF45M5500AW/A5 AC6 Error

    Hello, I have a Samsung WF45M5500AW/A5 that stopped working mid-cycle showing an "AC6" error code. After resetting the machine, it will power on and proceed to fill in short bursts(water fills and stops in 1-2 second intervals) without progressing any further through the cycle. It is my...
  18. B

    Checked Everything, still blowing fuses - Samsung Dryer DV42H5200EW/A3

    After going through two fuses I decided to check everything. I replaced the fuses, thermistor, coil, motor assembly, idler wheel, belt and drum wheels, cleaned the blower, cleaned everything. I blew another fuse last night. I actually upgraded my venting a year ago from the cheap corrugated...
  19. L

    FIXED DW80R2031US Samsung dishwasher won't drain

    Dishwasher worked for a couple of months, then stopped draining completely. It drains down to the point that the float is seated on the bottom of the cabinet but water still remains below it. I guess it's a timing issue? Cause the pump runs a little longer after the float is down. If I pull the...
  20. M

    592-8905701 Kenmore/Samsung dryer dies and then works after a while.

    I have a Kenmore dryer made by Samsung, and it will run for about half an hour, then completely die, No power to the control panel or anything. It will not power on unless I let it sit for a while, then I can power it back on and use it again. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing to do with the heating...
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