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    Samsung RSG257AABP Side By Side Refrigerator Refrigerant suction line frost issue...

    Hello and thanks in advance. Not cold in freezer and fridge sides. Confirmed electronics and compressor are working by using Samsung instructions. Installed quick tap on suction side. Unit at ambient temperature. Suction side reads 10 psi with compressor off. Started compressor, Hot line side...
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    FIXED Samsung side by side fridge RSG257AARS Ice chute door keeps flapping open and closed

    I have a Samsung Side by Side fridge from 2013, model- RSG257AARS that has been acting up. The ice maker is making ice, but the ice chute door at the bottom of the Clear View ice bucket keeps flapping open and closed which is driven by a motor that is constantly spinning. You can see the wheel...
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    FIXED Samsung Refrigerator RF263BESR/AA loud humming noise

    Model: Samsung RF263BEAESR/AA Year: 2019 Hello all, I have a pretty new Samsung fridge that is getting louder and louder. The sound seems to be coming from the ice maker and stops when you open the door. So far this is what I have done: power defrost Unplugged Removed rear inside cover to...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF26J7500SR - ice maker auger fell out of the ice bucket

    I went to get ice and none came out so I took the ice bucket out and it was full of ice cubes so I scooped them out to put in a bag and the auger fell out as well as a lot of little parts. I can’t figure out how to put it back together and there are no schematics for this that I can find.
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    Samsung Washer WF42H5000AW - Issues with spin cycle

    Good afternoon, Unfortunately, my Samsung washer is not working anymore. The washing machine is now 2yrs and 2 months old, usually I make 1-2 loads every week. What happened? From one day to another, when I start the washing program the drum is not spinning anymore. Instead, the drum at the...
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    FIXED WF56H9100AG/A2 Samsung Washer-Turns On, Drains, Locks but won't start washing

    The display turns on like normal and selecting the type of cycle works fine. After pressing the start button there is the common starting noise (like the drain pump), followed by the lock of the door. Then the drain pump sound runs a bit more, the door unlocks, and then nothing. The washer just...
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    RF28HDEDBSR/AA Samsung Refrigerator - frost buildup in icemaker every few months

    Hi All - Samsung RF28HDEDBSR/AA refrigerator, purchased in the fall of 2015 from Sears. I've had the issue of frost buildup in the ice maker for the last couple years, have to put it in the manual Fd for about 20 minutes and the buildup can be easily picked off, then it works fine for a few...
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    NW58H9500WS/AC Samsung Gas oven can't reach full temp

    My NW58H9500WS/AC Samsung Gas oven ignites, both the lower bake and the upper broil. but it is taking forever to raise in temperature. A few weeks ago, while baking something it kept making a small Boom'ing noise as if it was igniting over and over every few minutes. that has since stopped but...
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    FIXED Samsung RS265TDRS Side-By-Side ice maker not releasing ice

    Hello all, I've been scratching my head over this problem since I got the fridge set up. The ice maker dispenses water into the tray and freezes it, but will not push the ice out of the tray. After the ice is frozen, the fingers that push it out rotate until they touch the ice, and then they...
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    Samsung Refrigerator RF23M8070SR never ending ice maker problems

    This refrigerators ice maker is a nightmare. Since we purchased this refrigerator I have had it serviced or replaced three times. I would do anything to not have this Refrigerator. What a disaster for $2500. Here is a summary of the repairs: Had what seemed to be a very experienced repair man...
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    RF30HDEDTSR Samsung Refrigerator noise

    Wondering if anybody might be able to offer thoughts on a noise that's been emanating from my Samsung RF30HDEDTSR refrigerator fairly regularly, but has recently intensified. The appliance is five years old. The sound stops when the refrigerator door is opened. After I open the door, I can...
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    WA50M7450AP Samsung Top Load Washer doesn't start cycle at all

    So the issue simply just all of a sudden started one day. The machine simply wouldn't begin a cycle anymore. No previous issues at all. I've had a repairman out twice now trying to fix it. The first time he thought based on the error code - 3C2 - that it must have been the hall sensor. So he...
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    Samsung - RS21JGRS - Fridge lights not working

    Hi, The lights are not working in the fridge it is not the bulbs (as I have tested bulb from in the freezer compartment and work fine). I have notice that when door is open it beeps and closed kickes off the fan. Could it still be the door switch the problem? Everything else with he fridge is...
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    FIXED DW80M2020US/AA Samsung dishwasher blinking normal trying to drain

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/vBzdYAL3m4LKZmHJ6 Samsung dishwasher: model number DW80M2020US normal light blinks drain is on and when I try to power off it turns it self back on and keeps doing the same thing.
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    DVE45R6100C Samsung dryer High pitched rattling sound

    My brand new samsung dryer is making a high pitched rattling sound. When I put my hand on the side panel, it lessens. Any ideas what the cause is? Bad balance? Loose screws? I've only used it about 3 times. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.
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    RF4289HARS Samsung Ice Maker stuck in OFF Mode

    Ice Maker is currently stuck in OFF mode and will not reset to show it being active. I have used the reset button on the side of the ice tray area and hear a single chime after depressing it for a few seconds. I never hear a second chime and the screen says "The Ice Making Off function is on...
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    Samsung top load washer - WA48J7700AW/A2 Doesn't spin during wash cycle - spins during rinse and spin cycle

    My washer just stopped spinning in the wash cycle. It seems like it's agitating though as there is a slight movement counterclockwise and then clockwise, but very little. It's not making an odd sound, just quiet during that cycle. Everything else runs normally and no error codes. Any ideas...
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    FIXED Samsung Oven/Range NX58H5600SS/AA -SE- Error Code

    Hi all, first post here. Thank you in advance for reading and brainstorming solutions with me. My Samsung appliance worked well for nearly 3 years leading up to this September. Since then, the keypad will now display the "-SE-" error code and beep 10 times loudly. This renders all buttons...
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    Feedback on Speed Queen Front Loaders

    Does anyone know if Speed Queen front load washers DO NOT use the infamous white pot metal spider like the junk Samsung’s ? The Samsung spider part is made from pot metal that chemically reacts with the aluminum drum and they constantly break. Does anyone know if the Speed Queen front loaders...
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    SAMSUNG RS267TDBP Fridge with cracked water supply line (below the door)

    Help! My Samsung Refrigerator has a cracked water line below the freezer door where it goes up to the water dispenser in the freezer door. (see attached leaking white line photo) The good news is that it's not a constant leak. It only sprays water from the cracked line when I dispense...

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