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    LG Dishwasher Schematic Needed - Model: LDT5678SS

    Need the Electrical Schematic for an LG Dishwasher LDT5678SS. Had an issue with a mouse, ate through part of the harness at the bottom end, affecting 5 connectors. Majority of wiring is obvious and easy to repair, due to gauge and color, issue is there are a total of 2 gray wires, and 3 red...
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    FIXED Older Amana Electric Wall Oven. Only has a warm (not hot) lower Bake Heating Element. Need Schematic Also

    Hello all: I have an older Amana Electric Wall Oven "Model AO-24SB". Manufacture # P85567-1S. Probably 30 years old. Some places it's called a "Maytag AO-24SB" model. The lower baking element will only be warm (not a hot red glow) when the oven in on bake. The upper broiler element...
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    JDB8700AWS3 Dishwasher Control board fails

    Hi, I have purchased this dishwasher five years ago. By now I have replaced the control board four times. The trouble I see is, it does not start. First time I have replaced the pump assembly, heater, and even the top panel, then I found out the main control board is not working. After that I...
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    Kitchenaid KSGG700ESS0 error code that the fan is running too slow

    My daughter has a Kitchenaid KSGG700ESS0. She is having a problem with an error code when the oven pre-heats to 170, system shuts down and give code that the fan is running too slow. I found some troubleshooting info here online but the schematics and parts list do not show her oven correctly! I...
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    LDF8874ST We inherited this disassembled LG, and are having trouble putting it back together

    We picked up this dishwasher for free mostly I'm guessing because it was missing several parts and was pretty much completely disassembled. I've bought pretty much all the parts I think we're missing but can't find any repair guides, or even a picture of the put together bottom to go off of to...