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    GE Cafe Range CGS750P4MW2 Control Screen Error

    Hi all, My Cafe Range CGS750P4MW2 is just a little over 1 year old. Today, the control screen won't respond no matter what key I push. It doesn't show any error message. Just has two brackets on the top right and botter right corners. The top oven did start at a very low temperature for couple...
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    FIXED Whirlpool WRF989SDAM03 - LED light and Ice maker issues

    We have owned our WRF989SDAM03 French Door Whirlpool refrigerator since 2014. We had one little issue when we first bought, but it was minor and covered under warranty. A couple years later, we had some issue with it and I can't remember the initial concern at this time, but the repairman...
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    RF4289HBRS Samsung refrigerator screen cracked.

    Just bought a house and the screen on the refrigerator is cracked. We can’t change the temperature or use any functions. I can’t find a new or even a used part ( DA59-00525A ) as it’s discontinued. Any chance I can somehow replace the screen between the liquid crystal and the exterior ? Or...
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    FIXED PGLEF385CB1 Frigidaire Range Vent tube adapter screen

    The small one inch diameter screen fell out of the vent tube exhaust at the top right corner, inside the oven. This is the tube rises to exhaust behind the I can't figure out how to reinstall it. The tube is notched in such a way that I can't push it back in. I can't remove the tube from the...
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    Kenmore elite grahics on screen larger than normal

    i am trying to repair a neighbors microwave for them. they are retired and on a fixed income and any help would be appreciated. the problem is that the lcd screen graphics have grown in size to the point of not being able to accurately use it. i have looked at the owners manual (which seems to...
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