1. KrHale1

    DW80K7050UG Samsung Dishwasher - Need help! Where does this go?

    We just opened our dishwasher to clean out and we found this rubber seal/garment and cannot figure out where it goes. Any ideas? Model: DW80K7050UG
  2. J

    Whirlpool Cabrio Shaft/ Bearing Replacement

    Hello Experts, I am out of options. I am on day two of this project and have one last hurdle I cannot figure out. As far as the youtube videos go i have done everything correctly. HOWEVER, when put the basket back in and try to install the "drive nuts" between the shaft and basket there is about...
  3. L

    WTW4816FW2 Whirlpool Washer - Replacing tub seal on drive shaft

    Went to my sister's to, what I thought would be a quick and easy job, swap out the leaky tub seal on her machine. No big deal, got everything taken apart ... except the seal on this particular machine is sandwhiched between the drive housing and a retainer that's pressed onto the drive shaft...
  4. A

    Front-load washer WFW80HEBW1 water in door seal

    I have a Whirlpool WFW80HEBW1 front-load washer which is approximately 5-7 years old. So the problem with it is that the water is getting in a door seal and it will stay there unless I manually drain it. The worst thing is if it hard to get the water out and it starts to smell pretty bad. Does...
  5. A

    LWS34AW Speed Queen Washer Tub Seal

    Im Looking for a tub seal for the a Speed Queen washer It seems the part has been discontinued and I was wondering if there is a alternative part. The original part# is 40016101. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  6. W

    FLXE6960EW1 Re-attach tub cover - Frigidaire Laundry Center (stacked stacker)

    Goal: re-attach tub cover after having replaced the tub cover gasket. Hi. Frigidaire laundry center / stacker / stackable washing machine and dryer combo. Water was dribbling from the left top of the tub and down the side, and I figured out it was the tub cover gasket. Was able to get the...
  7. D

    WM3470HWA LG FL rear tub seal leaks

    Hi, all. While I've generally and otherwise liked the two LG front-load washers I've owned (the first, a WM2277, and the more recent, a WM3470), both of them had (2277)/have (3470) developed a rear tub seal leak. I replaced the seal and bearings in the 2277, and eventually replaced with the...
  8. J

    FIXED WFW8400TW01 Whirlpool washer duet sport leaking

    We had been noticing small amount of water every now and then. Finally I had a chance to look into it. I took the bottom panel off and noticed that there was water pooled there with lots of rust. I turned on the washer and noticed that a drop came down from behind the gray block. Does this mean...
  9. D

    Quiet Partner II pump seal deteriorating & brown scum?

    Bought home ~8 years ago and it has a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II (DUL240XTPB0) dishwasher. I notice that while it seems to clean dishes well, there is a variety of brown scum buildup in the dishwasher and silverware container. I have run with white vinegar (as seen on the web) but that does not...
  10. K

    Stuck at replacing seal in LG front-load washer

    I have replaced the two bearings and am trying to get the seal in. I am unable to great the seal to seat in behind the bearing. Tried using soap tapping with mallet, pushing with thumbs. It keeps popping up on the opposite side you are pushing on.
  11. G

    Whirlpool French Door, left door vertical hinge seal adjustment needed

    The vertical seal on the left french door has three grommets that attach the seal to the door. The top grommet has snapped out of place and I can't figure out how to remove and re-install it properly so that all 3 grommets are attached properly. Does anyone know how to adjust this?
  12. D

    795.71053011 Kenmore Elite Refrigerator - seal and filter

    Hello, we inherited a SEARS Kenmore refrigerator (French doors with freezer at the bottom) when we bought our house. The seal is torn around the right side refrigerator door. Can you tell me what part I should order? Also there is a notification that the filter needs to be changed on the...
  13. A

    Maytag Neptune front loader leaking from door, but door seal, bellows are FINE!

    Water pours out from the bottom and side of the door opposite the hinges. It only does this at the 3rd rinse. Doesn't matter whether its on normal or delicate, hot or cold, small or large load. Every solution anywhere says to check the bellows/door seal. But mine seems to be in perfect...
  14. J

    Freezer not sealing along bottom of door

    I inherited a stand up Kenmore freezer. The door gasket does not seal along the bottom and about 12 inches up from the bottom on the handle side. The gap is about 1/4 inch. It looks like the inner door panel interferes with the outside edge of the freezer case, so that the seal does not have...
  15. J

    Diplomat APM6127 - New seal

    I am trying to replace the seal on my Diplomat APM6217 freezer The original seal appears to be held in place with a panel but I can't work out how to remove it. Any advice?