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    How old is this Kenmore 970-418105 Fridge?

    I have to replace this fridge, as it's leaking and not cooling according to two repairmen who said it is not worth fixing. I need a replacement before the new owners of my home take over. It must be equivalent or newer. I have both the model and serial number and was wondering if someone could...
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    110.C82824100 Elite He3 - Shuts off Mid Cycle + Single Beep on Start Press + Starts after cooldown

    Kenmore Elite He3 Dryer 110.C82824100 Problem: When using most of the cycles (Auto Dry or Manual) the dryer will run for 5-15 minutes and then stop. Attempting to press Start again will result in a single click/beep, and it won't start again. It seems to only start again after waiting a...
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    Looking for timer for a Kenmore 110.87873100 dryer

    Hello, I'm looking for a timer for a kenmore 110.87873100 model dryer. The knob does not turn and the machine continues to run. Runs hot after hours so I know it' still heating. Are certain models of timers interchangeable? Thanks for responses in advance.
  4. B

    790.36933905 Kenmore Range oven door fell apart

    To all. My oven door fell apart the other day, and I reassembled it. There are two parts that I do not understand where they go. they are part 3b on a Kenmore 790.36933905 gas range/oven. According to the parts diagram here...
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    790.49533312 Kenmore Double Wall Oven - Top oven won’t stay hot

    Hoping to get some help- so glad to find this place. I have a Kenmore electric double wall oven, model 790.49533312- I think it might be about 8 years old. Unfortunately, the top oven will heat up to temp, but won’t stay warm. When I select ‘bake’ it gets up to temp, and then immediately allows...
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    795.71303011 Kenmore Fridge error code: ER FF

    Hello everyone, I have this Kenmore Fridge model (no. 79571303011); top portion fridge and bottom is freezer, I had it for about 8 years now. Recently we got this error code (ER FF) displaying on the screen in the fridge section; I noticed the fridge wasn't cooling when this code was displayed...
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    FIXED Replacement Fan Motor for Sears Portable Heater Needed

    I think the heater is from the '70s (cone shaped and orange). It's 1500-watt, from Sears. The heating element and power switch work fine, but the fan motor just vibrates and fails to turn. Can anyone point me to where I might find a replacment? The shaft is smooth and protudes from the top 1/2".
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    110.28872891 Washer trickle fill in rinse cycle

    I have a Kenmore 80 Series. Had been running just fine. All the sudden it only trickles with two small streams in the rinse cycle. It fills both hot and cold water fine. It is not a water pressure issue. It is not a blocked water inlet valve or I wouldn't have cold water to fill for wash...
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    106.6665000 ICE not frost in Freezer SEARS COLDSPOT 14 Frostless (Fridge with Bottom Freezer)

    I am being very descriptive here because I have found no help googling. My mother is currently searching old Rubbermaid bins for the manual I saved. Model number is 106.6665000 Serial Number 6D158925 115 volts SEARS COLDSPOT FROSTLESS 14 SPACEMASTER Interior is Robin Egg/Teal color...
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    110.60902990 Won't start, only buzzing when button pressed

    dryer was working then just the buzzing when the start button is pressed. I looked here and replaced the thermal fuse (just a try). the entire base was covered in lint. cleaned it all out and no change.
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    WFW94HEXW0 Whirlpool duet error code F6 E1

    When I turn washer on it not responsive to anything. I just get error code F6E1 .. I've tried doing a quick diagnostic test and when the display shows c00 it doesn't do anything .. Ccu power check was ok .. I only get power to the mcu for about 3 seconds when the quick diagnostic starts .. If...
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    Fridge/ Freezer Won't Stay on Temptiure

    We have a really nice Sears Kenmore Refridgearator/Freezer Side-by-Side (3 Door Model, with the small drink door) that we are very fond of that won't stay up to tempture. It sometimes gets to tempture and most of the time it doesn't. If it gets to tempture and we put anything in it the tempture...
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    Kenmore HE3T Washer Issues

    Hi, Here is a little back story leading up to the issue at hand. My Kenmore washer (model: 110.44921.300) is a little over 10 years old. We have had zero issues with the washer up until this past month. This past month we had an issue with the drum not spinning at all. After reading the...
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    Kenmore Refridgerator 106.9555712 Error Er 1F

    This fridge is nothing but trouble: It had to be replaced 4 times in the first 90 days, with several service calls. Finally they found one that worked - so far. Now out of warranty, the fridge shows Er 1F. The error goes away if I unplug and plug, but it reappears. The freezer is cold, with...
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    Leaking top-mount - where is my drip pan?

    Hi everyone, We got a used fridge a month ago, Kenmore (Sears) model # 253.77132790, manufactured in 1997. Cooling and freezing work well, but we started having leaks in front of the fridge 2-3 times a week. Initial investigation revealed that the bottom of the fridge - underneath the...
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    Sears Kenmore Elite Microwave: Stainless Steel Quality Issue

    Has anyone had problems with the Stainless Steel on their Kenmore Elite appliances? I have a problem with the stainless steel on my new Kenmore Elite microwave oven (above-the-range microwave oven). We purchased all Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel appliances for our new kitchen just over one...
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    Kenmore washer will not rinse

    Please help! My Kenmore washer will not rinse or spin but will wash. What seems to be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. C

    FIXED Water not dispensing in door

    We went out of town for Christmas and were gone two weeks. When we came home, water would no longer dispense from the door, although the ice dispenser is working fine. When you try to get water, you can hear the motor engage but no water comes out. Can you help us fix this?
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    FIXED Kenmore Elite Gas Dryer "ON" but DOA

    Hooked up the above referenced dryer after it had been in storage in a dry garage for a couple of years. At the time of hook up I checked and cleaned the ridge exhaust vent line both in and outside of the dryer to the wall, about a 5 foot run with only 1 90 degree angle. The dryer ran fine for...
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    That sound comming from the freezer can't be a good sign

    So the fan in the freezer is now making a low hum. I did take everything out of the freezer exposed the fan and gave it a nice gentle nudge or two. That seemed to work for a good few hours and then it was back to making the low hum again... the kind of noise a fan makes when it’s working real...