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    FIXED JTP86SH4SS GE Oven Not completing self clean

    Hi I have a GE wall oven model #JTP86SH4SS which normally works fine, but when I try to use self clean mode; after a while it turns off and does not complete the self clean cycle. I am not sure which part to replace. This is a microwave/oven combo built into wall. Any help is appreciated, thank...
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    WGG555S0BS01 Whirlpool Range won't Broil

    Hello, I have a Whirlpool Range #WGG555S0BS01. About 4 years old. The top oven bakes, but won't broil or self-clean. I changed the igniter today, to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks.....
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    Jenn Air JDR8895AAS, after cleaning, the bottom door would not unlock

    Unlike some other posters, I have loved my Jennair duel fuel source double oven range! It has served me well until recently. Problems started when I had cleaned the oven and after cleaning, the bottom door would not unlock. We reset the breaker but my husband ended up having to "jimmy" the door...
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    Finish came off bottom panel after self clean

    we have a Frigidaire stove that we bought less than 6 months ago. Two weeks ago we used the self clean and after the cycle completed we noticed the gray finish on the bottom panel was spotted/pitted and some spots that look like the finish bubbled. Frigidaire support says this is not a material...
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    FIXED KESS907SSS01 Light won't turn off & self cleaning won't lock door - latch not releasing

    The door was open just has the self clean started, now the latch wont release and the door wont close. Light in the oven stays on. Unplug the stove for 6 hours, tried resetting self clean, but it stop right away because door wont close fully? Is there a way to do a reset from the panel? Or is...
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    Threw the breaker during self-clean; displays f1 error while blinking dr lck "door lock"

    Monday, I was putting my oven through a self-clean, which I have done before, and while in the living room a heard a pop. We have mice issues, and I actually thought the sound was a trap snapping. Later I realized that the circuit breaker had flipped and the power was out to the oven. This has...
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