self diagnostics

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    KSSC42QTS00 KitchenAid refrigerator does not run

    A local service provider (arranged by Whirlpool) came to inspect my KSSC42QTS00 without any resolution and follow up. In the meantime I ran the Service Diagnostics routine as indicated in the Service and Wiring sheet. The RC code stayed at 00 when it was supposed to indicate 01 or 02. Does this...
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    WRS571CIHZ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator ice maker not working

    The ice maker in my WRS571CIHZ00 side-by-side refrigerator stopped working. As recommended by other threads on this site, I took off the base grille and found at least 3 wires broken (yellow, white, and black) at the bottom of the freezer door. I reconnected them using butt connectors but the...
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    FIXED WOC95EC0AS01 BUILT-IN ELECTRIC COMBO WALL OVEN - "feature not available" for oven

    All the oven features (bake, broil, convect, hold warm) displays: "feature not available". Microwave works fine. I tried to find the service manual online (please provide links). As I wanted to run the self diagnostic test. I have not - yet - found the circuit breaker for the oven. It's not...
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