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    FIXED 911.3652090 Older Sears gas oven 50 degrees off with new sensor

    Hi thanks for reading. I have an older Sears gas range / oven with an electronic arrow up & down oven control panel. I have replaced the temp sensor that sit completely (screws are also) inside the oven, Wires go through the oven wall to the back. Others, I know most are mounted on the outside...
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    KFIV29PCMS03 KitchenAid French Door Bottom Freezer Ice and Water dispenser is Not making Ice Anymore

    Found my KitchenAid Refrigerator not producing Ice one day, Everything else worked fine. Unplugged fridge and plugged back in and still no luck. Troubleshooting: 1) Ice Level Shutoff - No Red Light on (not sure if this is normal) Replaced both Ice Level Sensor board & Emitter Board - Still...
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    FIXED MVWX500XW Not spinning, Basket speed sensor?

    Initial symptoms were that the washer, in the middle of a normal cycle, would stop for ~ 10 min (when it should be transitioning between 2 different activities in the cycle), after which the lid would unlock and then resume. If I pushed pause after lid unlocked, it would lock and resume. Which...
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    LG side by side changing freezer temp. on own

    Today our side by side with dispenser started changing the freezer temperature settings on it's own. There are 5 bars describing warmest to coldest settings and with a ping each time the settings constantly run from warmer to colder and back again, and again... Sometimes the setting stay for 5...
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    Oven Sensor

    I have several questions 1) does the broiler coil come on when preheating oven for baking? 2) Is temperature Sensor used when broiling or preheating the oven? 3) Does this oven have fault codes? These questions are relative to trying to find out why our oven is heating up very slowly. It took...