series 90

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    110.60902990 Won't start, only buzzing when button pressed

    dryer was working then just the buzzing when the start button is pressed. I looked here and replaced the thermal fuse (just a try). the entire base was covered in lint. cleaned it all out and no change.
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    Timer will not advance in auto setting on my Kenmore series 90 dryer

    I have already replaced the timer on the unit and it still does not advance in the auto setting. I was told to try and replace the inline fuse first but I cannot find a fuse in this model, is there one? I was about to replace the cycling resistor next?
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    Kenmore Series 90 Washer - drain and spin problems

    Hello, My Kenmore Series 90 washer recently began having troubles spinning. I ended up pulling it apart and replaced the agitator dogs, motor coupler and the washer drive. However, that didn't seem to fix the problem. The washer still doesn't always spin (on occasion I can get it to work)...
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    Another Series 90 Stops Heating

    My son has this (110.68942892) old Series 90 dryer and the thermal cut-off fuse keeps blowing. It will run one or two loads and then it goes out again. Since I have a newer model Series 90, I had experience replacing the thermal cut-off and high-limit thermostat. This dryer has been running...
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    Series 90 dryer not starting

    Won't start. Checked home breaker. 240v getting to the dryer. If I hold the start button the timer does tick. Checked the fuse behind the lint trap and it has continuity. This is where I'm stuck.