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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT695SSJ5SS no start, service LED blinks rapidly

    Hello, My J5 model service led is blinking rapidly and the entire dishwasher is non-responsive. No lights on the top buttons, interacting with buttons does nothing. Symptoms before it became non-responsive were: --we'd hear a 'random' single beep once in a great while, maybe a few times a day...
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    FIXED GE Dishwasher GDT695SSJ0SS - won't start cycle (beeps 3x); service LED not on at all?

    Hi! I have a GE GDT695SSJ0SS that stopped working overnight; the control panel at the top works and all buttons are fine, but when starting a cycle and closing the door, it will beep three times and not start — as if the door isn't closed. I did look at the latch and the plastic doesn't seem to...
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    FIXED GE DDT595SMJ0ES No Power: Checked Status LED

    The other night I went to start a load of dishes and there was no power to the dishwasher even though anything else plugged into the same outlet worked just fine. After digging around on here I found I could check the service status light to see if it throw a code. Well it did not throw a...