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    Anyone has Service Sheet for Frigidaire Refrigerator FFSS2615TS5

    I'm having issues with my FFSS2615TS2 frigidaire fridge having HI error. The Electrolux guy was here and replaced the "computer" saying it doesn't work well and thus its not defrosting when needed. I'm pretty sure that is not the issue cause there is still thick layer of ice in the back of...
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    Repair manual / job aid for 665.13263K112 dishwasher (or its Whirlpool cousin)

    Hello all, I'm trying to locate the PDF repair manual (or "service manual" or "job aid") for my 665.13263K112 dishwasher; I'm not sure it exists. Since I know it's built by Whirlpool, I guess the repair manual for the appropriate close cousin series of Whirlpool dishwashers could work. I've...
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    FAFW3577KB0 - Need Service Manual

    Need Service Manual for Electrolux Washer Model #FAFW3577KB0 Service Manual. Thank You.
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    Bosch B36CT80SNS fridge service manual? Replacing the main power module

    Hi all, Bought a Bosch B36CT80SNS new in Feb, and the power went out 4 month later in June. Called Bosch, they sent a service tech, tech said that it was most like part 11044367 (Power Module) but would also order part 10020802 (Control Module) just in case. Well those parts are out of stock...
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    JFC2290VEM7 Jenn-Air 22cu ft 36" French door bottom freezer Service Manual

    I am looking for a repair manual/service manual/Job Aid/Tech Sheet for my Jenn-Air JFC2290VEM7 refrigerator. It is a Jenn-Air 22 cubic feet 36" wide French door fridge with bottom freezer, circa 2012. I'd like to find out what the equivalent Whirlpool/KitchenAid models are, is as it could be...
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    Maytag MIM1555YRS2 Service Manual

    Looking for Maytag MIM1555YRS2 Service Manual. 2013 Model. Thanks
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    FireMagic Ice Maker service manual Model 3593

    Would anyone have a service manual for a Firemagic Model 3593 Date Code 1210? Thanks
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    EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Icon Dual Wall Oven extremely slow to Preheat

    I have a Model #: EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Double Wall Oven about 6 years old. No error codes showing on the control board. The oven seems to take forever to preheat, may close to one hour at times. Once it's reached it's temp, it seems to cook OK. It will broil. The convection mode seems to...
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    GE Range PHB920SJ1SS blank and beeping

    I have this GE induction oven and its display went blank and started beeping. I tried replacing the whole control panel assy with a used one (because a new one was not available), and it did the same thing. So, either the used one has the same issue, or I have a different problem. A service...
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    GE Cafe CHS950P2MS1 induction range control board replacement

    Hi, I have a GE Cafe induction range and the cooktop stopped working. The 'burners' turn ON and then shut themselves off after a few seconds - just as if there was nothing on the cooktop. A GE rep came out to diagnose and told me that I need to replace the control module WB27X30357 ($650). The...
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    FIXED DLEX4370K LG Dryer - d80 flow sense error with vent removed and no obstructions confirmed

    My dryer DLEX4370 is having flow sense errors more and more frequently. The vent is super short, 3ft hard pipe directly to the outside with a single elbow. Exterior damper is confirmed to be free of obstruction and fully opens. I run the installer test with the unit completely disconnected...
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    FIXED RF28K9380 Samsung Refrigerator Showcase door latch - Service Manual

    Hi all! I have a Samsung RF28K9380 and the Showcase door pull got stuck in the pulled/open position. The latch on the inside that holds the door closed is in the down position and needs to be able to go up and down freely. If I force (really force) that latch up, the door opens/closes...
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    SAMSUNG DW80R9950UG Dishwasher beginning of cycle, just started beeping (time remaining flashes) and start-up is delayed about 10 minutes

    Have a relatively new DW80R9950 (installed 1/2020), still under warranty. At beginning of cycle, just started beeping (time remaining flashes) and start-up is delayed about 10 minutes. Then starts and operates normally. No error codes. Saw the posting of a similar issue on the 7750 model...
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    Looking for Whirlpool refrigerator service manual model GB2SHDXTQ01

    What it says in the title. Nothing is wrong with the fridge, wanted to have it on hand in case of any problems in the future.
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    Need Service Manual KDTM354ESS3 upper rack slide came apart

    Our upper rack slide came apart (failed spot welds). A number of other parts were broken as a result of the failure. I have the parts list. But need the service manual for KDTM354ESS3.
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    LFUH21F7LM0 How to isolate faulty component leading to immediate and persistent over-cooling?

    UNIT: Frigidaire Upright Freezer with Electronic Controls. Manufactured 2011. SYMPTOMS: Excessive cooling relative to set temperature. Even after 24-hour unload/unplug/defrost, unit is set to cool to 0F and is actually cooling to -15F. Result achieved within 2 hours of power restoration...
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    FGHB2866PF3 Ice Maker not filling

    I was just informed (by the boss) that my ice maker is not producing ice. This model has ice and water in the door. Water at the door is fine. I think the ice make is cycling by the noise. I pulled the cardboard from the rear and now i want to determine which of the many colored solenoids works...
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    Top Load GE WCSE4160B1WW high speed only, no low speed

    Have a washer machine that seems to only have the high speed. Trying to figure out how best to troubleshoot it and determine what the cause might be. Certainly, if it needs a motor, that's like $400 so probably not worth it, but if it's something like a switch or control board those repairs...
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    Samsung RF24FSEDBSR/AA Need service manual

    Anyone have a service manual for this?
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    Whirpool Gold French Door Freezing Food

    Hello, my refrigerator is freezing food so I went through the service codes and the fresh food thermistor showed a short. I found the part online but where is the thermistor located? Is there a repair/service manual that has pictures of where its located? Thanks for your time!
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