short circuit

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    Samsung Dryer DV350AER Thermal Fuse Keeps Blowing @ heating coil!

    Hello all, I have a customer with a refurbished Samsung DV350AER who initially phoned me about an excessive noise. I had replaced the rollers in it as they had failed and that problem has resolved. A few days after replacing the rollers, customer phoned me back to say that the heat had stopped...
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    Samsung NE58M9430SS stopped working during the self-cleaning cycle (not high limit sensor\fuse)

    Hello everyone! We moved into the house and there was this Samsung NE58M9430SS. Of course, the first thing we did was turn on self-cleaning and ... the oven turned off .. completely, but the cooktop panel works fine. (all heating elements work). After some research, I realized that it could be a...
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    1950 General Motors Frigidaire Refrigerator (DM-90) Short Circuit

    We're in the process of updating all of the electric work in a 1905 one-room schoolhouse we're restoring, but in the meantime have to rely on many extension cords. To avoid overloading the circuits, we have to unplug certain major appliances prior to operating another. While our refrigerator has...
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    GE PSE26KSEEESS ice dispenser weird behaviour

    See attached video. When using the ice dispenser for the first time in several hours it seems to short out and restart. After that it is fine for a bit. Several hours later it does it again. Anybody have any ideas?
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    SHE68M05UC/50 BOSCH d/w shorted no power

    Bosch Dishwasher SHE68M05UC/50 Hi, Dishwasher shorted/has no power: The house supply line (hot/ black) wire came loose from the terminal block (L) at bottom of dishwasher and contacted the metal terminal box that the block is housed in. This did not trip house fuse breaker. Shut power and...
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    FIXED KitchenAid KUDC10IXBL9 burning smell, short circuit,

    Hello, I couple weeks ago there was a faint smell of burning plastic when I was beside the dishwasher. It was when everyone was over for Christmas so I did not take that much note of it. A couple days ago our dishwasher stopped working properly when my wife tried to run it. It blew the...
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    IKEA Whirlpool

    Hi, my dishwasher is triggering the circuit board and sometimes only it's own breaker, sometimes the whole power goes down. I don't really want to have to call in a technician that will be almost as expensive as buying a new machine, and I think I can fix it if I know what it is exactly. I...
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