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    KitchenAid Refrigerator KSCS25INSS00 Capacitor Mounting Through Holes Shorting

    Hi there! I have a mother board for a side by side Kitchenaid and the through hole mounting holes for capacitors C33 & C34 + and - are shorted together with no capacitors installed. This is on a W10219463 mother board. I have attached a picture. It looks some of the solder mask has peeled off...
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    KitchenAid ( Model KRFF305ESS ) Refrigerator Tripping GFCI When Defrosting

    My Kitchenaid 25 cu ft 36-width French Door Refrigerator is ( Kitchenaid Model Hyperlink ) Model KRFF305ESS. Recently the GFCI started to trip whenever the defrost mode was utilized. I replaced the GFCI, which was old, but the same issue persists. If I plug it in to a non-GFCI using an...
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    FIXED 790.46893903 Kenmore Range - Please help if you have one of these models/parts

    Kenmore range/oven Control Board Part # 318296824 (PCB: 84C5333 Rev A) The bake element burned out, shorted against the bake box cover, burned contacts in molex connector B, and created a current surge through the bake circuit. As a result, resistor R41 (see pic) burned up. (Pics are from a...
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    FIXED WDT780SAEM1 Cycle Pulses On and Off every few seconds

    I have a WDT780SAEM1 that cleans dishes well, but has always done something that I believe contributed to a premature pump/impeller replacement. My concern is that this continued behavior will cause another premature pump failure w/ the new part eventually. And it just sounds like whatever...
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    AER5630BAW F9E0 Fault: Electrical Fire

    Amana AER5630BAW Electric range. Surface and oven did not produce heat after 20 minutes of use. A chemical like smell was identified, but could not be sourced. The chemical smell may be a result of the smell of cooked food and melted wire blending in the air. Turning off the burners caused the...
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    110.87873100 Motor short tripping breaker?

    My dryer started intermittently tripping the breaker. Recently the breaker would blow just plugging in the dryer. This would occur with the door open and with the timer in the off position. The start button always seemed to work fine, as well as the timer shutoff and door switch. I tested...
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    KitchenAid Electric Glass Cooktop - Shorted Service Wiring

    Greetings all: Just had a run-in with my electric cooktop. While cooking with three of the five burners going, my wife and I hear a "pop" and smell that unmistakable "electrical melting" smell. The junction box for the range is directly below so access was nice and easy. I cut power at the...
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    HV Diode shorted twice! Transformer, capacitor and magnetron seem ok.

    I have a Maytag convection/microwave combo (MMV6178AAW). I found a "shorted" diode (25 ohms both directions). I replaced the diode with a new one and it shorted again. I used a capacitive HV probe to measure the HV transformer output. I get 6.5kV pk-pk while disconnected from the rest of the...
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    FIXED Jenn - Air oven tripping breaker after bake element replacement.

    My bake element lit up like a sparkler for a few seconds before I was able to shut off the power (on Thanksgiving morning of course). I replaced the element, turned on the circuit breaker, and the display and oven light came on as expected. When I attempted to heat the oven, it tripped the...
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    Kenmore Dryer model # 110.67732794 - seems like there's a short somewhere?

    I have an older model Kenmore dryer that is making me sigh heavily. The light inside doesn't come on when you open the door - that's not really a problem though. I only mention it as a symptom. This morning, I was throwing some clothes in when the light flashed on/off quickly then the dryer...
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    Bosch -Partially working

    A while back I had to pull out the dishwasher out to fix a hole in the back wall and I planned on installing an outlet and putting a male end of the washer side (mind you at this point, the dishwasher is pretty new and barely used). It was also working just fine prior to me pulling it out. The...
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    Whirlpool Range control board short

    I was wiring the range plug into the circuit panel. Forgot to check if the range was plugged in and it was. While pulling the wire into the panel the ground wire hit the 120 buss and sent current back through the ground tho the stove. I thought the control board got shorted out so I ordered a...
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    Kenmor 665.157.12000 dishwasher fills then drains immediately on first cycle

    I have a kenmore quiet guard 2 dishwasher model 665.157.12000. When you start it it fills with water. Then there is one short burst of water and it immediately stops and starts draining. The remaining cycles appear to run normally although I think sometimes it may do this twice. This sounds...

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