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    FIXED Maytag MED5500FW2 Dryer shuts off after a few minutes on the normal cycle

    It is an electric dryer about 2 years old. If I put laundry in on the normal cycle, it starts with 38 minutes on the timer, then shuts off after a few minutes. The laundry is still wet. I tried the timed dry cycle - it runs for the allotted time and heats and the laundry is then dry. The...
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    FIXED DV448AEP/XAA Samsung dryer turning off before set time runs out.

    Samsun Dryer Model No. DV448AEP/XAA I've been working on this dandy off and on for over a month now and decided its time to look outside the box for help, which brings me to this fine community. Though I found a few threads on similar problems, I wasn't able to find any that I felt described...
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    PT956SM1SS GE Double Oven - Random shut off

    GE Double Oven Profile brand - PT956SM1SS Oven has worked fine until recently. When baking the lower oven will turn off randomly - the clock is not effected or timer (if set) is still counting down but the oven is off. It is as if someone pressed the "clear/off" button. We can turn the oven...
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    Jenn Air JES9900BAB Electric Smoothtop Downdraft Slide-In Range is driving me crazy!

    We have a 10 year old Jenn-Air JES9900BAB electric smoothtop downdraft slide-in range that keeps getting worse and worse by the day. When using the touchpad, some buttons no longer respond. 1st, the vent on/off button stopped working, then not long after that, the setup button to set the clock...
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    MDB7749SAQ0 Stops Before Rinse Cycle

    My Maytag MDB7749SAQ0 dishwasher runs the wash portion of the cycle and drains, but then shuts off instead of rinsing. Lights are lit normally (normal, wash, start lights) during washing, then, after draining, it sits for a few minutes doing nothing, then all the lights flash, and then all...
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    Whirlpool dryer shuts off after few seconds in Europe

    I bought the front loader Whirlpool dryer at the PX in Germany that was made to be installed in Europe, and just had an electrician run the wire from the box to the dryer, and he also made the wire to connect from the dryer to the industrial plug. We tried to run it. The drier turned on, and...