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  1. T

    GSH25JFTAWW GE Refrigerator Frozen Water...Again.

    That's right, it's another GE Frozen waterline thread. I've seen lots of posts around the interwebs about the frozen water line issue. Mine is the typical, in-the-door freeze, issue. I've done the hair dryer, many times. The last time I did it, it froze again within hours. The fridge came with...
  2. JustinW91403

    FPHC2398LF4 - sometimes water dispenser doesn’t stop, sometimes it does

    This has been an ongoing issue that is due for a fix. Here is what happens. 1. Put a cup under the dispenser 2. If water not selected, Select water (we don’t use the ice maker because it’s kinda weird and sometimes cubes stick and melt out the front, so this usually already selected), else...
  3. W

    FIXED GSS26C4XXY00 whirlpool not dispensing ice - motor replaced

    Had problems with both ice maker and dispenser. Replaced ice maker and that now works. Dispenser was erratic before and now does not function even though auger motor was replaced. When calling for cubes door does open but no auger motor rotation. Trying to get to control board but not able...
  4. R

    PSC23MGMABB Cannot Decide to Fix or Buy New

    I read the fixes in forums to fix my side by side GE Profile Artica refrigerator which just "seems" to have a defrost problem. I do not mind investing about $100 to fix it, but if if needed a circuit or motherboard I think I would rather buy new. Also, I am unsure if the circuit board controls...
  5. M

    RSG307AA Ice maker problem

    I have a side by side samsung RSG307AA, I bought it new, I've never been able to use the ice maker. I have tried everything, but it does not work. I have disarmed in the back (where the electrical circuit is) when I press so that water comes out (the relay is heard lighting). But when I try to...
  6. A

    Problem with a Frigidaire Side by Side (GS26HSZDW2) after the east cost blizzard and blackout.

    Hi. I have a major problem with our frigidaire side by side fridge. During the blackout (5 day's) It held it's cool as much as it could but now that power has been restored it's a mess. The fridge was having cooling/freezing problems to begin with. The top of both the fridge and freezer was not...
  7. M

    CSHS5UGXC Water Dispenser does not stop pouring water

    Howdy - when I use the water dispenser the water pours out for a moment after I pull the glass away. This started about 2 years ago. It hasn't gotten worse nor better. I'm finally getting around to trouble shooting. I'm convinced I can fix this myself. thanks in advance!
  8. M

    363.9550610 Not cooling, everything running

    I have a Kenmore side by side. it takes 4.5 ounces of r134A and that is what I added. after a 1500 mile move with a shipping company, it would not cool. First repairman said it was low on freon and recharged it. Worked great for almost a year then slowly started to not cool aw well. Second...
  9. E

    ACD2234KRS Water Dispenser and Weird Clicking noise

    The side by side refrigerator we bought in 2006 has worked relatively well for many years. I'd say for the last 5 or 6 years though every once in a while it makes this loud noise that sounds like an electrical woodpecker of some kind lives in the fridge. It lasts for less than a minute and...
  10. S

    GSH25ISXLSS Side by side freezer not working stuck at 24 degrees

    I want to start out by saying this happened after some severe thunder storms in our area, along with brown outs. I was thinking that it was going to be something electrical related, considering the circumstances. Also I do not know appliances at all and I am not electric savvy. It is a GE side...
  11. T

    RS267TDBP - Not cooling; fans not blowing!? but Panel & Lights inside still work... :-(

    My fairly New Samsung side by side suddenly stopped cooling. The lights in side and control panel still have power and work. I pulled the panels off the back. I vacuumed out the dirt and dust from behind the one down below. I traced power to the compressor and the compressor fan. The...
  12. D

    GE side by side frig working but not cooling

    Hi My frig is running but not cooling. The fan in the freezer is working but room temp air coming out. The fan in the back is working. The compressor is running - feel a slight buzz when I touch it but it's not hot to the touch. Coils in the freezer side are clear but the frig has been out...
  13. J

    Maytag Plus - MSD2556AEW - Not cooling at all

    This refrigerator stopped cooling a while back. Today I found the time to really tear into it. Here's what I found. No frost built up. In fact, the cooling fins in the freezer were room temperature. The defrost element was NOT on. The defrost element was also room temperature. The condenser was...
  14. K

    Kitchenaid Side-by-Side Ice Maker Leaks from Dispenser

    Thanks in advance for your help. Recently, we noticed that water is leaking from the door dispenser of our ice maker. The water looks to be coming from the space where the hinge for the ice maker lever meets the wall of the ice maker. We think that happens more on days we use the ice dispense...
  15. R

    Freezer barely freezing and fridge not cooling properly

    Freezer side reads 5 and fridge side reads 43-47...fridge side also freezes things in the bottom. I haven't heard the evap fan come on for a long time, and I'm also seeing thermistor and defrost thermostat on other sites. Need to get an idea of where to go with this thing !
  16. A

    GFSS6KKYASS Noisy fan / no ice

    Hello. My GE, side by side refrigerator, in the garage, is making noise when the fan is running. It stops when I open the freezer drawer. It sounds like something is in contact with the fan blades. There is a little ice behind the center shelf support I the fridge. There is very little...
  17. D

    Makes ice fine but stopped dispensing water or ice

    I have a side by side, indoor ice maker. Makes ice wonderfully, but stopped dispensing water and ice through the door. No motor turning or any other obvious mechanical noise. Everything else is functional. I replaced the water filter and it had no impact. Thanks for any help!
  18. T

    GE Arctica SxS (2001) - everything is hot!

    My GE Arctica from 2001 is misbehaving and I'm wondering if I should put it to sleep forever. The freezer temp is at 30 and I can hear the fan inside running. The fridge temp is 50 and I can't hear a fan, at least not immediately upon opening it. DIAGNOSTICS I've run through the diagnostic...
  19. L

    Bosch side by side B22CS30SNS/01 No Display

    Sup guys I am new on here I have a Bosch side by side fridge B22CS30SNS / 01 The display for ice/water dispenser suddenly shut off. I have replace the display board and the two computers on top of the fridge and still no display. I am hoping I can get some help on here thank you guys
  20. B

    GE Side by Side - Freezer cool, not cold; refrigerator cool, but warmer than usual

    Hello all, This morning we awoke to a freezer full of melting food. The refrigerator was cool, but also not as cold as usual. My first check was to remove the back cover and clean the coil assembly which *was* covered with dust and pet hair. Plugged the unit back in, heard the compressor and...