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  1. W

    GR-L247SLKV compressor replacement

    Hello, I have an LG fridge model GR-L247SLKV. The compressor is broken and I need to replace it, the compressor reference is FLE165NAMA. However, I cannot find it in market. I'm wondering if I can use a different compressor model and how to know what other models are compatible. Thank you. Walid
  2. L

    WRS588FIHZ00 Whirlpool side by side refrigerator in demo mode

    Hi, My Whirlpool side by side refrigerator is in demo mode and I am not sure how to get it out. It is model WRS588FIHZ00. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. P

    GE PSS26PSWASS actual temp doesnt match temp on panel, also freezer not getting to set temp.

    I bought a used 2019 Model (i think due to the serial numbers listing several years for the letter that denotes year made), GE PSS26PSWASS. I'm thinking I got scammed as the seller said the fridge was good but it seems to not be working properlt and hadn't plugged it in overnight like I asked...
  4. T

    Whirlpool Refrigerator WRS312SNHW05 brand new just go it today

    Hello, I just got delivered a new fridge whirlpool and I noticed a spout out the back top right /connecting to the freezer component. I looks like a water line spout.. My fridge does not have an icemaker, but has the ability for one. Do I just cap off the hole? .... or was there a cap that...
  5. B

    Kenmore Elite Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer cooling issues model 106.54786802

    Hello! I'm new to the forum but I have spent a lot of time browsing posts over the last few days trying to find more information regarding my cooling issue. About a week ago we noticed things starting to defrost in the freezer. Initially I pulled the evaporator coil cover off and found a big...
  6. G

    FIXED Recently purchased counter depth KitchenAid Refrigerator KRSC700HBS00, ice maker not working.

    We bought this fridge less than a year ago, and the ice maker & water dispenser have been working good once we plumbed in the lines for it, we have changed the water filter once since then. Today I was getting some ice from it and noticed ice stopped coming out, so checked the ice storage bin...
  7. A

    Samsung RSG257AABP Side By Side Refrigerator Refrigerant suction line frost issue...

    Hello and thanks in advance. Not cold in freezer and fridge sides. Confirmed electronics and compressor are working by using Samsung instructions. Installed quick tap on suction side. Unit at ambient temperature. Suction side reads 10 psi with compressor off. Started compressor, Hot line side...
  8. M

    FIXED Samsung side by side fridge RSG257AARS Ice chute door keeps flapping open and closed

    I have a Samsung Side by Side fridge from 2013, model- RSG257AARS that has been acting up. The ice maker is making ice, but the ice chute door at the bottom of the Clear View ice bucket keeps flapping open and closed which is driven by a motor that is constantly spinning. You can see the wheel...
  9. P

    106.41169310 Kenmore Refrigerator side keeps freezing

    Kenmore Coldspot Model: 106.41169310 My problem is freezer very cold, refrigerator freezes up or not cold enough. Several parts changed but still not working correctly. Corrected model number
  10. T

    106.53203200 Kenmore elite refrigerator is not cooling on the refrigerator side, but the freezer is cold

    Side by side refrigerator is not cooling on the refrigerator side, but the freezer is cold. There was some ice build up on the top shelf fan in the refrigerator, which I reduced with a hair dryer. Refrigerator side is still only getting to 50 degrees. Any help/ recommendations would be greatly...
  11. S

    ED5JHEXTB00 freezer and fridge not cooling enough, I ran out of ideas!

    Hello! I did several basic troubleshooting steps after reading and watching many comments and videos. So far, I got nothing. - fridge in 40-50 F range -freezer 0-17 F range - i replaced the defrost thermostat because i could not test it. later found out the old one was still good. - tested...
  12. J

    Whirlpool Gold Force Defrost side by side refrigerator, GS5SHAXNB01

    This is an older model of whirlpool gold side by side. I need to know how to force defrost it. I'm trying to problem solve.
  13. P

    2008 Samsung RS277ACRS freezer side not working

    I'm told the refrigerator side works but not the freezer side. This appears to be a twin cooling system with 7 sensors. Did a sensor fail or could it be a control board? Maybe a fan?
  14. J

    GE Eterna ESF25LGRE Side by Side Temp Issues and Compressor Shuts Off Abruptly

    The fridge side is averaging around 42-43 degrees on the top shelf and 36-37 on the bottom shelf above the veggie drawers. The second to top shelf is freezing items placed in the back of the shelf. The freezer seems fine. Lately, the compressor seems to shut off abruptly. Like it is running...
  15. M

    FIXED B22CS80SNS Bosch Refrigerator - Ice buildup on bottom of freezer...

    HI all, I am new to this forum but was wondering if you had advice on how to deal with ice build-up on the bottom of the side by side Freezer in a Bosch Refrigerator. I am assuming that something is not defrosting properly and/or draining appropriately. Any thoughts I how I can clear this. The...
  16. Karleigh312

    106.51123210 Kenmore Refrigerator - Ice freezing in ice bin around auger

    Ice is freezing up around auger in bin. Ice maker still making ice. Looks like water is dripping from ice maker into bin. Is ice maker bad?
  17. T

    GSH25JFTAWW GE Refrigerator Frozen Water...Again.

    That's right, it's another GE Frozen waterline thread. I've seen lots of posts around the interwebs about the frozen water line issue. Mine is the typical, in-the-door freeze, issue. I've done the hair dryer, many times. The last time I did it, it froze again within hours. The fridge came with...
  18. JustinW91403

    FPHC2398LF4 - sometimes water dispenser doesn’t stop, sometimes it does

    This has been an ongoing issue that is due for a fix. Here is what happens. 1. Put a cup under the dispenser 2. If water not selected, Select water (we don’t use the ice maker because it’s kinda weird and sometimes cubes stick and melt out the front, so this usually already selected), else...
  19. W

    FIXED GSS26C4XXY00 whirlpool not dispensing ice - motor replaced

    Had problems with both ice maker and dispenser. Replaced ice maker and that now works. Dispenser was erratic before and now does not function even though auger motor was replaced. When calling for cubes door does open but no auger motor rotation. Trying to get to control board but not able...
  20. R

    PSC23MGMABB Cannot Decide to Fix or Buy New

    I read the fixes in forums to fix my side by side GE Profile Artica refrigerator which just "seems" to have a defrost problem. I do not mind investing about $100 to fix it, but if if needed a circuit or motherboard I think I would rather buy new. Also, I am unsure if the circuit board controls...
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