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    non-standard defrost problem and moisture(GE side-by-side)

    My GSL25FXBLBL stainless side-by-side has been having wierd problems in the freezer compartment for some time now. Basically, the upper portion of the freezer gets lot's of powdery frost over everything which eventually grows into frozen chunks. The ice-maker and water dispenser have never been...
  2. M

    Side by Side defrost

    Our Side by Side GE refigerator is having problems. Model TFX22KRDA purchased new in 2000. It started several weeks ago when everything in the freezer defrosted and the refrigerator side became warm. We noticed snowish ice on the back wall of the freezer and believed it had froze up. We took...
  3. L

    FIXED Cold freezer, warm fridge--Tried all recommended troubleshooting

    After having reviewing the posts that describe this problem and trying all of the recommended trouble-shooting, the problem remains with this side-by-side unit (Whirlpool GS5SHAXNL00). Problem: Cold freezer and warm refrigerator Action taken so far: - When freezer door is closed, hardly any...
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    KitchenAid freezer long defrost

    This is a 9 year old side-by-side KitchenAid refrigerator/freezer, and about once every 3-4 weeks the freezer stays in defrost mode for about 24 hours (long enough to thaw everything and melt most of the ice). A couple of months ago I replaced the compressor relay because there was no cooling at...
  5. D

    FIXED Kenmore (and beer) getting warmer by the minute!!

    The light went out on our frig side (not the freezer side). Replaced bulb but still not working - THAT's when I realized that it wasn't so cold in the frig side anymore. After quickly putting MY beer in our garage frig (a 15 year old frig we 'salvaged' from the street ) I jumped on this forum in...
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    Problems with water build up at bottom of freezer and freezing vegetables after changing water filte

    Kenmore Coldspot Elite side by side. After changing water filter a month ago, the vegetable bin started freezing vegetables. I noticed ice build up on top of the temp control level near the bottom bin in the refrigerator side. More recently I noticed water buildup on bottom of the freezer...
  7. B

    [FIXED] Kenmore Coldspot SxS not cooling

    Woke up yesterday morning to a puddle in my kitchen. Got everything moved out to the other fridge, cleaned up the mess, and got the coils under the fridge cleaned off. I then unplugged the fridge and didn't plug it in until I got home from work. After about 3 hours it still wasn't cooling...
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    Another GE SBS Cooling / Coil Issue

    By previous posts I see I'm not the only one with this issue. I did see some SBS's similar, but needed to make sure I've diagnosed this. The def. heater tests at 0 when continuity is checked. Did not check the def. thermostat as It is still connected and did not want to pull out. Have heard...
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    [FIXED] not getting cold refer and freezer

    Hi I have a Kenmore side by side model 106.52012000 ser# SL2132001. It got warm. Checked defrost and thermostat all good. vacumed the condeser coils looked like there was a cat in there. The compressor kicks on for 15 seconds then shuts off then in 4 minutes tries again. Is the compressor...
  10. N

    test compressor to verify

    Have Side by Side KitchenAid Refrigerator Model KscS27Qfwh01 (zero one) Ser. SH2730744 MFG Date 6/98 W/ Compressor Embraco EGS 90 HLP 20 LRA - R134a --- J98LP9UV I Have read a couple of threads that seem to present a problem similar to the one on my sidebyside unit. That is my unit cools upon...
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    FIXED ED25TQXGW00 Side by side fridge, top warm, bottom cold

    I have a Whirlpool side by side model #ED25TQXGW00 Manufactured July '99. The top is warm in both the fridge and freezer but the bottom is cold. I don't know much about fridges so I definitely need some help!! What do you think is causing this?
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    Both: Ice maker and water dispenser slow drip

    Hello, I have a 5 yr. old Maytag side-by-side. The ice maker is fine only IF it is constantly harvesting; but if the bin gets full of ice and is no longer making ice, the slow drip builds a solid path of ice from the last cube in the tray, and works its way back up to the fill cup, and then...
  13. S

    Amana side by side intermittent compressor problem

    I have a 4 1/2 year old Amana side by side that makes a loud buzzing as if it is trying to start the compressor and then it stops and just the fan comes on. There are other times that the compressor does indeed come on but recently that stopped as well and the freezer and frig were not cooling...
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    Kenmore Side by Side not cooling fresh foods

    We have a Kenmore Side by Side ( 363.58261897 ) we acquired from by wife's late aunt's estate that isn't cooling in the fresh foods side ( 52 degrees) and seems to run all the time. It doesn't seem to be an old unit. We've had it in our vacation home for a couple years but lately it seems to...

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