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slow heating

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    EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Icon Dual Wall Oven extremely slow to Preheat

    I have a Model #: EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Double Wall Oven about 6 years old. No error codes showing on the control board. The oven seems to take forever to preheat, may close to one hour at times. Once it's reached it's temp, it seems to cook OK. It will broil. The convection mode seems to...
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    PHP960SM1SS GE Induction 11" 3700W Center Burner Mediocre / Slow Performance

    MODEL: GE Profile™ Series 36" Electric Induction Cooktop - PHP960SM1SS SPECIFIC BURNER: Induction 11" 3700W Center WB30X10030 SYMPTOM: Slow / Mediocre Heat Performance GE Induction 11" 3700W Center Burner Mediocre / Slow Performance - Seeking troubleshooting tips Hi everyone, appreciate some...
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    WFI910H0AS Whirlpool Oven extremely slow heating and cools off

    About 2 years ago, we purchased a Whirlpool WFI910H0AS when we redid the kitchen. It had worked well for the first 22 months, then 2 months ago, the oven started having problems heating up and maintaining heat. Here's some of the things we noticed: When using "Bake", the oven heats extremely...
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    Bosch HDI7282U Oven Heating Issue

    Hi, I have a Bosch HDI7282U/03 oven and it has some issues heating that may or may not be related. The oven is approximately four years old and has always displayed these issues. My wife, who has cooked quite a bit using few different ovens (i.e. not a novice) has described the problems to me...

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