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    GLHS66EJW0 Frigidaire Refrigerator Runs okay - smells like it's burning

    My mom's fridge - about 13 years old now - began giving off a burning scent at the end of October. Less than two weeks before, there was a power surge that we think knocked out her dehumidifier and spare freezer, as they went out soon after the surge. The fridge was fine for several days until...
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    Smoking basin, burning smell: Maytag SAV2555AWW

    Hello, My Maytag SAV2555AWW (I think) washing machine is about six years old, but the washbasin suddenly started emitting white smoke and a burning smell that filled the kitchen. Does anyone have an idea - what the issue might be, - rough cost of repair, - if it's worth fixing or would...
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    Maytag Neptune smoking during spin cycle

    Our 8 year old Maytag washer began emitting smoke from the vent in the back of the chassis during the final spin cycle (set to Max Extract). Upon stopping the machine and opening the door, the drum was also filled with acrid smoke. After removing the back of the machine, no parts were...
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    Amana Distinction - Smoking and very brief spinning & bump

    I have an Amana Distinction DLW330RAW Washer that started smoking so I thought I burned a belt because the tub wouldn't move. After I didn't touch it for a few weeks, I put it on the spin cycle and it move a few seconds but then it stopped again. So immediately, I tried it again and it bumped...