1. J

    Strange sound and movements and Stops

    Hello, I'm trying to diagnose the problem with my dishwasher. He is making a very strange sound and movements and then stops. Open en close the door and he tries again, but the same problem repeats. He does let water in and also drains when I hold the start button, so that is not the problem I...
  2. L

    GE Profile Refrigerator PFE28RSHGSS sound and door alarm no longer working

    Having a strange issue with our GE Profile fridge. I had turned the Sound to "Off" but now the door alarm is no longer working. Changing the Sound back to "On" doesn't help, and the fridge no longer makes any of the noise prompts (i.e., the little tone when it finishes filling a cup of water...
  3. C

    GFE28GSKSS GE Compressor is Loud, can I cover with sound dampening material?

    Hi, We just bought a new GE fridge and my partner is complaining about the noise when it turns on. I pulled it away from the wall and removed the bottom cover to be-able to listen closely. I found that most of the noise is coming from (what I believe to be) the compressor. When I put my ear...
  4. B

    Maytag MSD2351HEB Clicking Noise

    Hi, my Maytag refrigerator has been making a clicking noise for several weeks now. It happens at seemingly random times but throughout the day and night. The noise lasts several minutes. Maintenance in my apartment building has tried replacing the ice maker and this has not fixed the problem. My...
  5. J

    GFE29HMDCES GE Fridge - Very faint ding/beep noise - Working fine

    This fridge is 3 years old. It is making a faint ding sound that is quite constant, every second at least it is dinging. It does stop every now and then. Sometimes it will not do it for an hour or two. Sometimes six hours. But it always returns. It is not bothering my spouse. He says he barely...
  6. S

    Whirlpool "over the range" microwave makes intermitent electrical arc sounds.

    Hi, my Whirlpool WMH53520CH0 "over the range" microwave makes loud buzzing noise when running (sounds like electrical arc). It use to make the intermittent arc sounds and still work none the less. However, It now runs for a few seconds and shuts down and digital screen goes black. I unplug it...
  7. J

    HELP - window air conditioner loud buzzing noise when compressor starts - now doesnt kick in.

    For weeks, my 5 year old window air conditioner made a loud buzzing noise when the cooling compressor kicked in - Then would be fine and cooled until it shut off silently - But then when the thermostat said it was ready to cool for the compressor to turn on, again the buzzing sound (like at the...
  8. Y

    Maytag fridge doing a lot of noise

    Help me guys, my fridge is doing some weird noisy noises, and a portion of the freezer is frozen, here's a video showing it: is there a way to fix the sound issue? it used to make normal sounds just like any...
  9. S

    GE Fridge, Model A3316ABSARWW making horrible sound.

    This fridge has a few problems.. Recently there seems to be a problem with the fan in the freezer. Sometimes it doesn't move. Is it supposed to be spinning all the time? Anyway I thought it was so I gave it a whirl with a stick and it started moving again. Seems to stop every now and then even...
  10. A

    Kenmore Coldspot SxS Turning On & Off with Clicking Sound

    I'm trying to nail down the exact part number(s) I need to resolve the following issue on our Kenmore Coldspot SxS refrigerator (model 106.57034600, manufactured in April 2006). The compressor and/or fan click on and then off (slowly) for about 30 seconds and then completely shut off. It's one...
  11. L

    Maytag Performa washer screeches at end of spin cycle

    Our washer has served us well over the years without any issues. However lately, a loud screeching sound happens at the end of the spin cycle. The screech sounds like metal on metal. It only last for a few seconds while the tub comes to a stop. I'm looking for propable causes, replacement...
  12. B

    Refrigerator Makes Clunking Sound

    For about a year, our 1996 fridge has been making a clunking sound when it stops running. It does this about 70% of the time. Any clues what this might be? Nothing has changed: settings, location, etc. Everything else seems to be working normally. Thanks!
  13. B

    Ground wire in door

    My dryer started making a thumping sound (like there were shoes in it) even if it was empty. It was balanced... just the noise. I took dryer apart to clean accumulated dust/lint - and lots of it. Never touched drum, rollers..only panels and wiring. I take pictures whenever taking anything...
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    FIXED Dryer not starting - heard a clack sound when moving drum manually

    Hi, I was searching through dry clothes, and moved the drum, and heard a clack sound, almost like a trip switch or something. My wife called me this morning, told me the dryer wont start. The panel works fine, but when she presses start it beeps and nothing happens. Had her run the...