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    FIXED AWN542 Speed Queen Washer Noise

    Any thoughts about what this noise might be? Just started on my Speed Queen AWN542. I'm thinking it's the bottom pulley area. Any thoughts on best approach are appreciated!
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    LWS34AW Speed Queen Washer Tub Seal

    Im Looking for a tub seal for the a Speed Queen washer It seems the part has been discontinued and I was wondering if there is a alternative part. The original part# is 40016101. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    HG4209 Speed Queen gas dryer not igniting

    Hello all, I'm stumped on fixing my dryer and would appreciate some help as I'm not sure what else to try. After my 30+ year old gas dryer stopped heating, I discovered the igniter wasn't working. I replaced it and all was well for a few weeks until it stopped heating again. It works fine on...
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    New Laundromat Owner having trouble with a SPEED QUEEN

    So, a customer put a bunch of rugs in a top load speed queen washer. It stopped mid cycle. The belt seemed fine, but it wouldn't drain. After messing around with it, it started working out of the blue and finished its cycle. I thought maybe the lid switch got out of wack and I fixed it by...
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    Old Speed Queen, Leaks, No Brake

    I would like to repair this old washer if feasible. I know it's old but the simplicity of this mechanism is amazing. There are two problems: 1. The washer leaks from the wash tub in the wash and spin cycles. What parts are needed and how do I get the agitator out of the basket in order to...
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    Speed Queen Dryer Won't Start

    Hi guys, long time no see! My dryer is natural gas, if that matters. This started a couple of weeks ago, like this: I pushed the timer to start it, and it made a buzzing noise before it started. Then it ran a few times just fine, then did it again. Then one day it would not start, it just...